Qormi St. George Parish Church speaks out about request for the silencing of church bells

Feb 1 2021 Share

St. George’s Church in Qormi has received a request to silence church bells between 10 PM in the evening and 6 AM the following morning.

The church has taken to Facebook to find support against the silencing of church bells. Church bells along with other elements of Maltese Culture are constantly being silenced and they are raising awareness about the fact that this is an important and integral part of Maltese Culture.

In a Facebook post, the association related to the church a petition has been shared in order to fight against this request. They’ve said that if this stops it will only be a matter of time before elements such as fireworks and marching bands will be silenced too.



Graves of people who died while they were positive for COVID-19 can only be opened after 10 years

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Maltese Authorities have said that graves of people who died while they were positive for COVID-19 can only be opened after 10 years have passed.

In circumstances where it is possible for the deceased to be buried in the 24 hours after death, the Superintendent fr Public Health authorises the burial to happen within those 24 hours.

In circumstances where this is not possible, the process is a different one with specific measures being taken to ensure that no one will be at risk of contracting the virus.

Burials in public cemeteries are only happening at Addolorata Cemetery in Malta and at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Gozo.


New scheme allocates 2 million for people who want to install a vertical garden on their facades

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A new government scheme will be allocating 2 million for people who want to install a vertical garden on their facades.

Minister for the Environment and Climate Change and Planning, Aaron Farrugia, explained that the government will be financing all the expenses related to this project. Green Facades, Vertical Gardens and Retro Fitting of front gardens are all options within this scheme.

People who already have front gardens can also benefit from this scheme.

Minister Aaron Farrugia also posted a few days ago that 10,000 plants have been added to the Marsa industrial zone. He added that vertical gardens are not only a plus aesthetically but also environmentally.

Dalgħodu twaħħlu 1️⃣0️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ pjanta fil-ġnien vertikali taż-żona industrijali tal-#Marsa 🌱. Il-ġonna vertikali…

Posted by Aaron Farrugia on Friday, 29 January 2021


Captain Sir Tom Moore hospitalised while infected with COVID-19

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Captain Sir Tom Moore has been hospitalised while ill with COVID-19 to get help with his breathing. Moore is a World War II veteran, and an activist till this day.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Captain Sir Tom Moore raised millions for the UK National Health Service during the first lockdown.

The 100-year-old has been receiving hundreds of thousands of well-wishes after the news broke out about his being ill.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted,

My thoughts are very much with @CaptainTomMoore and his family. You’ve inspired the whole nation, and I know we are all wishing you a full recovery.”