Protest by Nationalist Party with theme ‘You deserve better’, attended by thousands

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Protest by Nationalist Party with theme 'You deserve better', attended by thousands

The Nationalist Party organized a protest with the theme “You deserve better,” which was attended by thousands. PN Leader Bernard Grech expressed his gratitude to the attendees for making their voices heard for the second time that week in Valletta.

During his speech, the Leader of Opposition, Bernard Grech, spoke about the negative trend of corruption and stealing from public funds, stating that it has gone on for too long. He emphasized the importance of continuing to speak out because the people of Malta deserve better.

PN MP Adrian Delia also addressed the crowd, stating that the Maltese citizens have won back the three hospitals that were stolen from the public along with 4,000 million euros. He appealed to the government to retrieve the money given to Steward Healthcare and Vitals and return it to the people of Malta.

UHM Voice of the Workers President, Josef Vella, also spoke and appealed to the Maltese citizens to voice their opinions regarding recent national events. He emphasized that this fight against corruption is not a partisan issue but rather one that the country needs to win.

Finally, law student Michela Ann Bayliss appealed for a change in direction for the future of students and teens in Malta and Gozo.


Massive jellyfish carpet spotted at Golden Bay seabed

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Massive jellyfish carpet spotted at Golden Bay seabed

Local marine biologist Alan Deaden took to Facebook to share photos of what he called jellyfish carpets on the seabed at Golden Bay. 

The jellyfish covered marine landscape on the north-west coast of the Maltese islands forms part of the ‘ongoing swarm of mauve stingers laid during the calm weather experienced last December’, explained Deidun. 

Images show a purple-blue carpet stretching over vast distances beneath the waves. It is unclear whether this pattern will continue until this upcoming summer, with Deidun himself working to create more awareness about the marine fauna and how to deal with them given some of their species’ stings. 

Late last year and earlier this year, Deidun shared images of jellyfish populating the bays of the islands following the calm weather which befell Malta and Gozo. 


Malta Daily wins prestigious award during IGM ceremony

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Malta Daily, the online platform that has revolutionised the way we consume news on online platforms in Malta has been awarded during the 31st edition of the annual journalism awards organised by the Institute of Journalists, an institute that is officially recognised by the Government of Malta.

Our platform has been recognised for promoting rights of persons with disability and for the raising of awareness. Malta Daily was awarded for demonstrating the most relevant and impactful piece that aimed at promoting the rights of persons with disability as well as supporting and creating awareness about disability issues.

Founder and CEO of Malta Daily, Gabriel Mifsud collected the award on behalf of the company and in his winning speech showed how grateful he is to receive such a prestigious award. Gabriel Mifsud thanks the jury for picking Malta Daily and explained that although the company is relatively new in Malta, it is proud to be awarded and named alongside media companies that have existed in Malta for long years. Malta Daily’s founder and CEO also thanked his young and hard-working team that passionately ensures to keep all of Malta updated daily.

During the IGM awards, winners were announce for 18 different categories with Times of Malta dominating most of the awards.


Roberta Metsola and Volodymyr Zelenskyy take a selfie after addressing Ukrainian students

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The President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola is in Lviv, Ukraine. This is the Maltese’s second visit to the country, after being the first leader of an EU institution to visit Kyiv since the war started just over a year ago. This visit takes place less than a month after President Metsola welcomed President Zelenskyy at the European Parliament in Brussels.

During her visit, President Metsola met with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. During the meeting, President Metsola said, “I am hopeful that all the conditions will be met for negotiations to start as soon as possible, even by the end of the year. Ukraine’s future is in the European Union.” President Metsola added, “the pace with which the Verkhovna Rada and the Government is making progress on the EU application impresses me”. Later on, the two leaders addressed Ukrainian students at Ivan Franko National University in Lviv.

Earlier during her visit, President Metsola was greeted by the Verkhovna Rada Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk, with whom she also participated in a Wreath-Laying Ceremony at the ‘Memorial to Fallen Soldiers’, at the Lychakiv Cemetery. “Emotional moment today as I laid flowers on behalf of the people of Europe to remember all those killed – including Yuriy Ruf, who was killed by Russian mortars on 1 April. It was especially poignant for me as that was the day I first visited Ukraine. We will remember them,” she stated.


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