Professional events organisers fuming after Hamrun celebrations

Professional events organisers fuming after Hamrun celebrations
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Following the celebrations which took place in Hamrun yesterday evening, the general public and the professional events organisers were left utterly fuming. This comes after an organised demonstration by several artists and events organisers was shut down and forced to take place live online. This portal reached out to the President of the Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association Howard Keith Debono. 

He first congratulated Hamrun who, since having the blessing of the police and respective authorities, he would have done exactly the same. He however went on to ask why the arts and events industry is being discriminated against. ‘As it stands illegal gatherings have a better chance of happening than anyone trying to do things the proper safe way. The message given out is ALL WRONG and above all ILLOGICAL’ he stated. 

DJ Joven Grech also spoke out against this apparent discrimination. He pointed out how the organisers of a pacifist demonstration were about to be fined €6000 each following 17 months being refrained from doing what they love. 

Joven pointed out that people did not get the vaccine to satisfy tourists and some businesses but because they want their life back. He went on to say that he has been the ambassador of Malta through his work abroad but Malta did not return the favour. 

Many of the general public also expressed their concerns as many people could not organise their dream wedding in a controlled environment. 


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WATCH: Crowds gather in Hamrun to celebrate presentation of Premier League trophy

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Videos have been circulating on social media which capture large crowds in Hamrun celebrating the Hamrun Spartans Football Club’s presentation of the BOV premier league trophy.


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A significant amount of revellers can be seen singing and celebrating the trophy presentation in St. Joseph High Street after a 30-year wait to capture the coveted trophy.

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The groups gathered in the village’s main road following a trophy presentation event at Victor Tedesco stadium.

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UK man changes name to John Cena after losing drunken

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23-year-old Lewis Oldfield, as he was formerly known, has honoured a drunken bet and legally changed his name to “John Cena” after losing.

The UK man stated that he and his friends were fooling around at a pub to a couple of drinks and “one thing led to another and they dared me to change my name to John Cena”.

He went on to reveal that he was originally going to get it tattooed by decided to go with a name change instead, paying a $55 fee for an official name change and $104 for the passport title.


Princess Diana would have turned 60 today

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Beloved figure of the royal family Diana, Princess of Wales would have turned 60 years old today.

Princess Diana at Barnardo’s, Whitley Bay, 1988

‘Lady Di’ as she was known, died in a terrible car crash in Paris back in August of 1997, leaving the world in shock and a timeless legacy as one of the most unmistakably admired figures, royal family members and style icons in the world.

Diana would go on to become the most photographed woman in the world and remain a subject of global headlines to this day, with stories and supposed theories emerging every few months.

Princess Diana at Longbenton Findus factory, North Tyneside, 1983

Princess Diana at Longbenton Findus factory, North Tyneside, 1983

Princess Diana remains a staple of the British monarchy and as a result of her timeless photos continues to “stare back at us, frozen in time,” as quote by The Times’ Andrew Marr.