Prisoner found dead in Corradino prison

Nov 19 2020 Share

A 25-year-old prisoner from Pakistan who was serving time at the Corradino Correctional Facility was found dead in his cell this morning. 

The Correctional facility released a statement saying that no suspicious signs of death were found, but rather, died in his sleep.

Magistrate Charmaine Galea is leading an ongoing inquiry.


Debates spark online following clarification of garage laws

Nov 18 2020 Share

Debates sparked on social media following a clarification of certain laws and regulations with regards to garages.

It was clarified that while one can park in front of a garage, the car should not be left unattended and the owner of the garage is not oblige to call the owner of the obstructed car. 

Another issue that was also brought to light was the problem with multiple store-owners marking their premises as garages when they are not used as such.

Maltese laws dictate that no one should mark a premises as a garage if they are not going to use it to garage vehicles.


Pfizer vaccine up to 95% effective; protects elderly most

Nov 18 2020 Share

Further results from the clinical trials of Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine show that the shots are now reportedly 95% effective and protect the elderly most.

This follows the news that pharmaceutical company Moderna had developed a COVID-19 vaccine which proved to be 94.5% effective. 

The results have yet to be analysed by independent medical professionals but reports show that the pharmaceutical companies have started submitting the vaccine to regulators in the UK, Europe and Canada.


LIDL clothing to be sent back to Italy due to high demand

Nov 18 2020 Share

Insider sources have reported that LIDL will be recalling their apparel brand from all Maltese stores to send them back to Italy.

This mass recall across the country is reportedly due to a high demand in Italy so the products are expected to be sent soon.

With previous reports revealing that the shoes have sold online for over $6,700, the local recall and increased demand could only ramp up the prices.