Pringles Crocs Collaboration Coming Out Soon

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Iconic shoe company Crocs have done it again this time announcing a collaboration with legendary crisp brand Pringles, to add to their various other wacky collabs this past year.

The two companies have stated that their joint project will give fans of both companies “the chance to match their taste in fashion and food”.



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According to Pringles the collection not only will include the classic clogs that everybody loves but will also include a boot shoe collection adjusted with a holder for your Pringles. Pringles-inspired Jibbitz will also be made available for fans.

The creators behind the mind boggling products stated that “For the first time, the flavour masterminds at Pringles are entering the world of footwear with the leader in innovative casual shoes, Crocs, to deliver the most flavourful collaboration yet – the Pringles x Crocs Collection.

“Bursting with flavour and style, Pringles and Crocs are bringing fans across the globe three limited-edition Pringles-inspired designs in fan-favourite Crocs styles and an array of Pringles-themed Jibbitz charms.

“Each unique pair of Crocs celebrates Mr. P’s iconic looks both past and present so fans can look ‘crisp’ for any occasion.”

The collaboration will officially go on sale next Tuesday 16th April and prices will start at around €17.50.


Elderly Volleyball Game at Casa Antonia Wins Hearts

Wholesome Volleyball Game at Casa Antonia Wins Hearts
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At Casa Antonia, a privately owned nursing home in Balzan, a heartwarming scene took place as a group of elderly residents gathered for a game of volleyball.

The home, known for its community atmosphere, recently shared a video reel of these spirited seniors engaging in the sport. The video, capturing them enjoying each other’s company and staying active, quickly resonated with viewers online.

The reel has amassed thousands of likes and views, sparking a wave of positive reactions across social media. Many viewers were moved by the sight of the elderly residents having fun and staying physically active, taking to the comments section to send their blessings and congratulations to the participants.

Casa Antonia regularly posts such wholesome content, showcasing the various activities that keep their residents entertained and socially engaged.


David Casa Calls Out Labour Party’s ‘Mixed Messages on Abortion

David Casa Calls Out Labour Party's Mixed Messages on Abortion
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Nationalist Party MEP David Casa has recently taken to social media to criticise the Labour Party’s stance on abortion in Malta. In a recent video, Casa accused the Labour Party of “deception and inconsistency” in their approach.

He pointed out that while the Labour Party has publicly opposed abortion in Malta, a resolution was signed by a representative of the same party, with only half of the Labour delegation voted against this resolution.

Casa emphasised that the Nationalist Party firmly opposes abortion and challenged the Labour Party to clarify its true intentions regarding this issue.

The PN & EPP MEP expressed his concerns about the Labour Party’s mixed messages and is awaiting an explanation from the Prime Minister. He questioned whether the Prime Minister was aware that only half of his party’s delegation opposed the resolution.

In another post, Casa reiterated that abortion should remain a national competency and proudly stated his vote against the measures supported by a Labour Party representative. He calls for greater transparency from the Labour Party on their actual agenda concerning abortion.

What do you make of this?


Brillanti Musicals Finalists Officially Announced

Brillanti Musicals Finalists Officially Announced
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Clara, Paolo, Mia, Abigail, Kristen and Charlotte – these are your official Brillanti Musicals finalists!

Following the elimination of Marine Micallef and Jamie Griffen in an intense playoff against Abigail Mallia Żarb, the finalist contestants were narrowed down to six.

With the stakes higher than ever for these brilliant performers – and a total of €30,000 on the line – this year’s finalists will have to bring their best game for the finale of this exciting third season of the competition.

Judges Charles Brunton, Marina Maniglio and Marco Stabile will have a lot on their hands next week as a winner is decided for another successful season of this beloved TV competition.