Prince Harry accuses William of physical assault in 2019

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Prince Harry accuses William of physical assault in 2019

UK Prince Harry has revealed through his new memoir ‘Spare’ that he was physically attacked by older brother Prince William during a 2019 argument.

The Guardian reported on Wednesday how the story is recounted in the book which is set to be released later this month, causing a massive internal clash within the British royal family. 

38-year-old Harry writes that during a disagreement in their London kitchen home, William called Meghan Markle ‘rude’, ‘difficult’ and ‘abrasive.’ 

He then went on to tackle him to the ground, breaking a dog’s bowl under is back. Pieces of the bowl allegedly cut into his back as William ripped his necklace. 

After the argument broke off, William apologised and expressed regret, urging him ‘not to tell Meg about this.’ The timing of this revelation is rather awkward given that their father King Charles is preparing for his coronation in May following Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. 


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Tobacco companies billed for cigarette clean up efforts in Spain

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Tobacco companies billed for cigarette clean up efforts in Spain

Tobacco companies are being billed for the clean up efforts of millions of cigarette ends which smokers discard every year in Spain as new environment regulations come into play.

The ruling comes into force this Friday and is part of a package of measures which aim to reduce waste and increase the practice of recycling. 

Cigarette manufacturers will be responsible for educating the public on not discarding their cigarette ends in public spaces. It remains to be seen how the clean-ups will be implemented and how much it will actually cost.

One study by Catalan put the cost between €12 to €21 per citizen per annum, which amounts up to a total of around €1bn. A scheme was also proposed by the Catalan government whereby cigarette butts could be redeemed for €0.20 each, adding €4 to the current average price of €50 for a pack of 20. This scheme has not yet been introduced. 

It is also assumed that tobacco companies will pass on the cost to the consumer, which would incentivise the users themselves to quit. 

Cigarette ends are some of the most polluting substances worldwide as they take around 10 years to decompose as they emit toxic substances into the environment in the process. 

The measures also include a ban on single use plastic cutlery and plates, cotton buds, plastic straws and expanded polystyrene cups. 


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WATCH: Manchester United Women’s Team train in Malta

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Manchester United Women’s Team train in Malta

The Manchester United Women’s Team have begun their intensive training in Ta’ Qali, Malta as they undertake a week long training camp. 


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The footballers could be seen training in the Maltese sun before having a meet and greet with the girls’ teams of Birkirkara FC and Hibernians FC as well as members of the Manchester United Supporter’s Club Malta. 

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo shared a video of the players’ arrival, training and meet-and-greet, shot by Gabriel Cassar. 

The team will be participating in a pre-match day conference, set to be addressed by coach of Manchester United Women Marc Skinner and Jose Borg, coach of Birkirkara FC Women. 


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What is Prime Sports Drink and why is it sold out worldwide?

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What is Prime Sports Drink and why is it sold out worldwide?

There was utter chaos in various Aldi stores across various countries when YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI released their famous ‘Prime Sports Drink’. 

The former celebrity rivals came together as business partners to launch the Prime Hydration drink, branching out to the UK and even announcing a partnership with Premier League leaders Arsenal. 

When released, shoppers were pictured queuing and later scrambling to get their hands on the newly released beverage. Coming in 11 flavours, which include blue raspberry, orange, lemon lime, tropical punch, ice pop and grape, the drink was an instant hit considering the massive following the young stars boast. 

KSI currently stands at around 12.4M followers, having earned his fame through YouTube and his collaborations with football centred group Sidemen. Logan Paul, also a YouTuber notorious for various controversies, has 24.6M followers. 

The drink is mostly water, along with coconut water, added vitamins and minerals, and no sugar or caffeine. The drink is also being sold in Malta for prices ranging between €15 and €30 per bottle. 


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