Prime Minister to announce vaccine strategy next Monday

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The Prime Minister, Robert Abela has announced that he will be revealing the vaccination strategy in relation to the COVID-19 vaccine on Monday.

Having the vaccine will not mean that all restrictions will be lifted, however, it does promise a quicker road to recovery.


97 COVID-19 cases registered overnight with 107 recoveries

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Malta has registered 97 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours from 2,907 swab tests, while 107 patients have recovered. This information was announced by the official Facebook page of Malta’s Ministry for Health.

From yesterday’s cases; 22 cases were family members of previously known cases, 8 cases were contact of positive work colleagues, 2 cases were direct contacts with other positive cases, 2 cases were from social gatherings.

To date, Malta has registered 10,520 COVID-19 cases in total, of which: 8,396 have recovered, 151 died and 1,973 are still active.


This December we can observe a phenomenon that hasn’t been seen since 1226

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This December Jupiter and Saturn will be within 0.1 degrees of each other. They will form the first visible double-planet phenomenon in nearly 800 years.

Jupiter and Saturn’s orbits align once every 20 years, however, this year will allow an especially rare alignment since both planets haven’t been this close together since 1226.

You can watch this great conjunction anytime during December shortly after sunset, from the Northern hemisphere. Since Malta is found in both the Northern and Eastern hemispheres we have a very good chance of being able to view this amazing phenomenon more clearly.


Dr George Grech was presented the National Volunteer Award 2020

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The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector has awarded the National Volunteer Award to Dr George Grech.

Dr Grech provides free medical services to Dar tal-Providenza and has done so for over 15 years.


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