Prime Minister, Robert Abela urges Malta to keep following restrictions

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Prime Minister, Robert Abela, has urged the Maltese population to keep following restriction and to keep being responsible.

Receiving and giving the vaccine does not mean that the virus will disappear instantly.

Therefore, co-operation is of utmost importance during these crucial times.


“Tomorrow will mark the day, Malta starts on its way back to normality” – Minister for Health, Dr Chris Fearne

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Prime Minister, Robert Abela, Minister for Health, Chris Fearne and Professor Charmaine Gauci have spoken to the Maltese public following the arrival of the first batch of vaccines in the Maltese Islands.

They have urged everyone to take the vaccine not only for ourselves but also for the safety of the whole population.


The first COVID-19 vaccines have arrived in Malta

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Saħħa have just confirmed that the first COVID-19 vaccinations have arrived in Malta.

Prime Minister, Robert Abela and Minister for Health, Chris Fearne area at the Malta International Airport watching the vaccine land in our country.

Many Maltese people have been waiting for this day and for the sliver of hope that all of this will be over soon.


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26TH December; L-Istrina 2020

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Today marks yet another L-Istrina. For years, the day after Christmas has brought Maltese together to help people in need. This year, everyone’s helping hand is needed more than ever.

Amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, let’s all be someone’s light at the end of the tunnel!

L-Istrina start at noon and will go on until midnight and you can tune in on any one of the following channels; TVM, Net TV, One TV, F Living and Smash.


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