Prime Minister Robert Abela not required to quarantine

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Following French President testing positive for COVID-19, Prime Minister, Robert Abela was not identified as one of the European Leaders who needs to quarantine.

Abela was not in contact with Macron 48 hours before he tested positive for COVID-19.


Antonio José Cardoso Mendes new Valletta FC coach

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Antonio José Cardoso Mendes is named to be Valletta FC’s new coach.

Mendes will be arriving in Malta on the 28th of December in order to start coaching Valletta FC as soon as possible.


We were surprised by Chef Dario and we loved it!

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Freelancer Chef Dario was invited to our offices to surprise us with lunch.

After a long period of time with decreased work opportunities for Chef Dario, he’s finally getting back on his feet and we’re very pleased to be the first job he’s booked since February!

Today, Chef Dario made us two pasta dishes, one with; Chorizo and Onion and one with Italian Sausage and Mushroom. Chef Dario also made us completed our meal with mulled wine as well as dessert.

Chef Dario can be booked for on-site events and his speciality is pasta al Parmigiano.


Red Electrick have teamed up with Luke Chappell for the ultimate Christmas collab

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Red Electrick have teamed up with Luke Chappell to create the ultimate Christmas collaboration.

The track is called, ‘Christmas Time With You’ and was kept a surprise before being released just before Christmas.

‘Christmas Time With You’ is a magical song and it came just in time this Christmas, to be the dose of uplifting music we all need. The song can be found on both Spotify and YouTube.


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