Priest claiming ‘gayness worse than possession’ to be charged with online hate speech

Priest claiming 'gayness worse than possession' to be charged with online hate speech
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Fr David Muscat will reportedly be charged with online hate speech by the Malta Police Force after making statements on Facebook that ‘gayness’ is worse than possession.

Muscat will be arraigned in court end-January after reports were filed against the cleric’s comments by the Malta Gay Rights Movement & Minister for Social Inclusion Julia Farrugia Portelli. Moreover, Minister for Equality Owen Bonnici also stated that “the consequences of fundamentalism is hate,” calling on the authorities to take action on such speech.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna has since issued a formal warning to muscat, calling for a stop to the public “inflammatory and hurtful comments.” Pictures have been making the rounds on social media of Father Muscat at Norman Lowell’s birthday celebration together with Partit Popolari leader Paul Salomone.

Maltese fashion designer Marco Parascandalo has since released a surprise collection with the word gayyaġniemblazoned on the pieces to promote the importance of loving oneself.


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Maltese designer responds to priest’s homophobic comments with surprise ‘Gayyaġni’ collection

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In light of the recent statements made by priest Father David Muscat, popular Maltese fashion designer Marco Parascandalo has released a surprise clothing drop with the term “gayyaġni” emblazoned on them. The new collection will use the priest’s own homophobic comments to inspire people to be proud of themselves and ‘live their own truth.’


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Part of the collection, which features a number of hoodies, shirts and accessories, will go to the Allied Rainbow Communities (ARC), one of Malta’s most prominent LGBQIA+ NGOs.

Father Muscat had made a number of deplorable comments in the wake of Paulina Dembska’s brutal murder, saying “gayness is worse than supernatural possession” and will be charged with online hate speech.


IHU variant detected in France “not a threat”, says WHO

IHU variant found in France "not a threat", says WHO
Jan 7 2022 Share

The World Health Organization has stated that the new IHU COVID-19 variant detected in France is not of concern. The variant was first found in Marseille after health authorities detected 12 cases in the port city.

The WHO’s COVID incident manager Abdi Mahmud has stated that the variant had been on their radar since November but did not show signs of wide spread over the following two months.

It was reported that the variant has 46 mutations, more than the Omicron variant. Variants are deemed of ‘concern’ when they exhibit an increase in transmissibility or increase in virulence or decrease in vaccine effectiveness. In a research publication that has yet to be peer-reviewed, researchers have stated that it is still early to speculate on the epidemiological, virological or clinical consequences based on the 12 cases detected in France.


Dog escapes car wreck to lead police to save injured owner

Dog escapes car wreck to lead police to save injured owner
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German Shepherd Tinsley was credited with helping to save her owner after she managed to escape a car wreck and lead police back to the incident scene. 

New Hampshire police initially thought Tinsley was lost when they found her out by herself. The dog managed to indicate that she wanted to show the officers something. 

She kept running away but not totally, police officer Lt. Daniel Baldassarre said. Her behaviour indicated a kind of ‘follow me’ attitude. 

The officers thankfully paid enough attention to follow her to find a damaged guardrail near a Vermont interstate junction just across the state line. 

According to Fox 13 News, police looked down to where the dog was looking at and were completely taken aback. The rest of the assistance arrived on the scene shortly to help a driver and passenger after their vehicle rolled over in the crash. 

Tinsley stood by her owner, but a bulldog who belonged to the passenger sadly died in the car crash. Thanks to the German Shepherd, the people involved received quick medical assistance. 

It was determined that the driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash and has since been charged with driving under the influence. Police were impressed by how a household dog managed to save a couple of lives.