Pride Awards Recognise Contributions To LGBTIQ+ Community

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Pride Awards Recognise Contributions To LGBTIQ+ Community

Yesterday evening saw the Pride Awards in Pjazza Tritoni’s Pride Village, with awards being handed out for various individuals for their contributions to the LGBTIQ+ community and many other areas of life.

With Glen Vella winning the final People’s Choice Award, other categories included the Lifetime Achievement Award (awarded to Helena Dalli) and Unconditional Love of a Parent Award (awarded to Sylvana Attard).

Kurt and Glenn Zammit Freeman were awarded the Influence and Impact Award, Romeo Roxman Gatt the Transcendence in Artistry Award, Joshua John Cavollo the Courage in Sports Award, Viktoria Radvanyi the Excellence in LGBTIQ+ Representation Worldwide and last but not least , Michelle Cilia the Equality in Healthcare Award. 


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Unveiling the Future: Malta’s September Tech Expo Showcases AI, Emerging Technologies, and Endless Opportunities

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Unveiling the Future: Malta's September Tech Expo Showcases AI, Emerging Technologies, and Endless Opportunities

As the world hurtles towards an increasingly digital future, Malta is gearing up to host a groundbreaking technology expo this September, offering a platform to explore the dynamic realms of artificial intelligence (AI), emerging technologies, business networking, and career opportunities. Held between September 19 and 21, TechXpo promises to be a melting pot of innovation, attracting tech enthusiasts, business leaders, and aspiring professionals. The expo will showcase the best of Malta’s industry leaders.

Scheduled to take place over three days, the event is poised to provide attendees with a holistic experience, encompassing knowledge sharing, hands-on demonstrations, and unparalleled networking opportunities. The first two days, 19th and 20th September, will be dedicated to business leaders to join in a list of events and network along other fellow clever professionals, entrepreneurs and startups and now’s your chance, PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY: www.techxpo.eu

Works shows will delve into discussions about AI’s transformative potential across industries, ranging from healthcare and finance to transportation and logistics. TechXpo will be also dedicated to shedding light on a myriad of emerging technologies that are shaping Malta’s industry.

Recognising the significance of collaboration, the expo provides an invaluable platform for businesses to engage in productive networking. Industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and startups will have the chance to forge meaningful connections, explore potential partnerships, and share insights. The first two days are open by registration only, so register ASAP!

Ministers of Economy from 9 different Mediterranean countries will come together to discuss economic collaborations and the use of technology as a tool of collaboration and further economic growth. The Ministers will also participate in a number of workshop along with registered guests.

On the 21st of September, a national holiday, the expo will be open from 10am till 5pm. On this day, the event is open to the general public without need to register, an opportunity for budding tech enthusiasts and job seekers, to get to know more about the technology shaping Malta’s industry. Leading tech companies, startups, and organisations will showcase their work and employment opportunities, offering a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

This is a one-of-a-kind event promises to bring together the best and brightest minds in the world of technology, unveiling the potential of AI, showcasing emerging technologies, fostering business partnerships, and offering a gateway to promising careers.

TechXpo Malta 2023 between the 19th and 21st September 2023 at MFCC Ta’ Qali.

The event is being hosted in collaboration with the Ministry for the Economy, European Funds and Lands.


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Vin Diesel & Daughter Meadow Celebrate Paul Walker’s 50th Birthday

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Vin Diesel & Daughter Meadow Celebrate Paul Walker's 50th Birthday

Taking to social media, actor Vin Diesel posted a touching tribute for his Fast & Furious colleague Paul Walker, who would have celebrated his 50th birthday on the 12th of September 2023. 


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The actor died ten years ago in a car accident, on the 30th of November 2013. 

‘A decade… ten long years… and yet it feels like yesterday when we were singing happy birthday to you for the big 40’ wrote Diesel. 

‘The world isn’t the same brother… as a species, one might say we are struggling. But I think of you, and I smile and know everything is going to be alright.’

‘For me this picture represents the moment I knew we would be brothers for eternity. January 2010, the night before you and I went to Haiti… the passion and joy you had to simply help people. You said first responders shouldn’t have to wait for anyone… and that you wanted to dedicate your life to that. First responders… that was your true self, and you were sharing it with me, your brother.’ 

‘I miss you… I love you, and I will continue to honour the beautiful soul you are.’

Paul’s daughter Meadow too posted a touching tribute to her late father, writing:

Happy birthday to my guardian angel. Thank you for your love, guidance, friendship, sunshine and for raising me to see all of the beauty in the world. You are the most kind, humble, generous and caring soul I know. You taught me at a young age to always treat everyone with respect, to do good and to take care of our planet. I love you and miss you every day.


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Roberta Metsola’s State Of The Union Debate Opening Speech

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Roberta Metsola's State Of The Union Debate Opening Speech

Opening the State of the Union debate, the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola said that the European Union must keep reforming.

Welcoming President of the European Commission Ursula von Der Leyen, Metsola said that over the last years the EU has managed to overcome a financial crisis and a pandemic. 

It also got through Brexit, stood up and firm against Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, disengaged from ‘toxic Russian energy’ and is addressing the climate emergency. 

‘The world is changing and Europe must adapt and change with it too. We must keep striving to make our Europe a place of equality of opportunity, of access, of prosperity – where everyone can reach their potential. We must keep reforming.’ 

Metsola said that there are still many in the Union who are struggling and urged the EU to keep the ‘people’s concerns at the centre of all our actions.’ 


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