President’s Wife In Hospital For Investigations

President's Wife In Hospital For Investigations
Oct 2 2023 Share

It was revealed on Sunday 1st October’s morning that wife of the President of the Republic Miriam Pace was admitted to Mater Dei Hospital for investigations.

These investigations are expected to take place over a period of two days. 

On behalf of MaltaDaily, we would like to wish Miriam Vella a speedy recovery. 


Maltese Bar Serving Last Cases of USA’s Oldest Craft Brewery, Now Shut Down

Maltese Bar Serving Last Cases of USA's Oldest Craft Brewery, Now Shut Down
Oct 1 2023 Share

After building a 100-year legacy and establishing itself as the ‘Grandfather of American craft brewing’, Anchor Brewing Co shut down earlier this year and one Maltese bar is keeping the dream alive, serving some of the last few cases.

Valletta bar Sailors Paradise is considered a time machine into Strada Stretta’s days of old, with visitors coming from all across to world being taken on a journey through time.

Offering a rich, curated selection of food and drinks, Sailors Paradise recently announced that they have procured a few of Anchor Brewing’s last cases, which are currently on offer until stocks last.

Anchor Brewing started in San Francisco in 1896, and was the US’s first and oldest craft brewery, shutting down earlier this year after falling victim to an increasingly competitive market, declining sales and inflation.

“You know that old saying about a band who only had maybe 50 people at its first show… but every one of those people went and started a band? That was Anchor Brewing Company. And all their people were the best”, Anchor Brewing brewmaster Garrett Oliver told The Guardian in a recent interview.


Crowds March in Valletta Calling for ‘Safe, Legal Abortion’

Oct 1 2023 Share

On Saturday, hundreds headed to Valletta to join a ‘pro-choice, pro-mother’ rally calling for safe and legal access to abortion in Malta.

Protestors marched across Republic Street to the local courts with dozens of placards in hand as they chanted “not the church, not the state, women will decide their fate.” Placards included messages like “Against Abortion? Don’t Get One”, “My body belongs to nobody but me”, “No Forced Pregnancy” and “Abortion is common, abortion is normal”, amongst others.

Upon arrival at the law courts, four speakers made their message known, with Doctors for Choice Malta’s Prof. Stabile and Dr. Psaila informing those in attendance about their Abortion Doula Support Service whilst standing by their call for safe, legal abortion in Malta.

“The cry for safe, legal abortion in Malta keeps growing! Another rally for choice, another success. The number of organisations and people they represent keep increasing. Change is inevitable”, a post by Doctors for Choice on Facebook read.

This rally comes two months after Malta’s abortion laws were changed for the first time ever, with the government allowing doctors to terminate a pregnancy if it puts a woman’s life in immediate risk or health in such jeopardy that it may lead to her death.


First Super5 Jackpot Win On A Friday Draw

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Malta, 29th September 2023 – History was made yesterday as for the first time the Super5 jackpot was won during the Friday Super5 draw. The Friday Super5 draw has been a resounding success since being introduced earlier in July. The twice weekly Super5 draw has enabled the game to gain more popularity, providing players with the opportunity to play for larger jackpots more often. Earlier in September, 2 jackpots were won, including one of €1,467,426 for the Super5 main game and another of €100,000 through the Super5 PLUS second chance draw.

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The 2 large Super5 jackpot wins and the top prize win in Super5 PLUS in a span of a few weeks continue to fuel interest in Malta’s favourite lottery jackpot game, while adding to the total prizes distributed in the market by National Lottery since taking over the operation 15 months ago. Since July 5th, 2022, National Lottery has increased the prizes to the public by over 45% when compared to the previous operator, with a total of more than €100M in prizes distributed accordingly.