President unveils Sliema monument dedicated to elderly who lost their lives to COVID-19

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On Saturday evening, President George Vella unveiled a Sliema monument paying tribute to the lives of elderly individuals who lost their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic and the resilient ones who withstood such a difficult period.

In a speech addressed below the monument, Vella remarked that the pandemic was harsher on the elderly as they had to experience months of separation and lack of physical contact. He also called for politics which are more active and inclusive towards the local elderly community.

The President thanked the Maltese Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics for the initiative and their work amongst the elderly.


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Sneaker brand releases new shoes made from unused sex toys

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Sneaker brand releases new shoes made from unused sex toys

The international sneaker game seems to be getting vaster and more interesting every single year but Los Angeles-based brand ‘Rose In Good Faith’ has launched a line of sneakers which not only captures your attention, but saves the world doing it.

That’s right; the brand’s latest model ‘Plastic Soul’ is the brainchild of a partnership with sex toy manufacturer Doc Johnson to make shoes out of damaged or defective sex toys.


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The chunky foam-based shoe is equally stylish as it is sustainable, made from a complex recycling system where the unused sex toys were ground into millimeter-sized cubes, mixed with bleach then molded into the classy silhouette seen on the brand’s social media pages.

Costing a retail price of around $130, Rose in Good Faith boss David Teitelbaum highlighted how the shoe tells a story and inspires a new perspective on up-cycling while Doc Johnson COO argued that the pair promotes sexy positivity through fashion and innovation.

Would you cop the shoes?


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New Netflix series amongst worst-rated shows in history

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While Netflix may have its shortcomings with all of the hassle surrounding the bump in subscription prices and looming fear of ads for paying customers, many of the platform’s shows have become fan favourites… their latest one isn’t one of them.

Viewers have stated that Netflix’s new Resident Evil series falls short in every department, becoming one of IMDB’s lowest-rated Netflix shows and also ranking amongst the worst-rated shows in TV history.

Based on the blockbuster horror game franchise of the same name, the eight Resident Evil episodes have received a 26 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes and 3.4/10 on IMDb based on ratings from over 4,000 users.

Meanwhile, critics have given the series a rating of 60 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, while a critic from The Guardian gave it a four-star review stating “You will binge-watch like you have never binge-watched before… you will enjoy yourself so freaking much.”

Have you seen Resident Evil yet?



Man stuck in concrete mixer saved by Civil Protection; life still in danger

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Man stuck in concrete mixer saved by Civil Protection; life still in danger

Civil Protection Malta have published a number of photos related to a delicate operation held on Friday, where a number of CPD officials saved a man who got stuck in a concrete boiler in Zurrieq.

The victim, whose identity is still unknown, got caught in the mixer at around 5PM, with a medical team and civil protection officials convening on site to help him out of the machinery.

The 2-hour long operation allowed the officials to remove the man from the mixer and take him for treatment, with TVMnews reporting that the victim lost a substantial amount of blood due to serious injuries, whilst other sources stated that he lost one log and sustained injuries in the other.


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