President of Malta Delivers Speech At Berlin’s Humboldt University

President of Malta Delivers Speech At Berlin’s Humboldt University
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Malta’s President, George Vella, addressed international politics and the current global situation in a keynote speech at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Speaking on the theme of ‘Reflections on the present world order,’ President Vella emphasized the importance of preserving the unity of the European Union in the face of threats to values and ideals. He highlighted the need for a stronger European Union during times of war, turmoil, populism, and the resurgence of extremist political ideals.

President Vella underscored the significance of diplomacy and negotiations as fundamental pillars of functioning multilateral systems, stating that security challenges cannot be resolved through force. He praised Malta’s neutrality as a valuable tool for justice and peace, even in turbulent circumstances, allowing the country to maintain vocal and active stances.

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Expressing concern about the Middle East conflict’s impact on global trade and supply lines, President Vella condemned the killing of innocent people and called for an end to the ongoing massacres, particularly of children. He emphasized Malta’s commitment to international responsibilities, including assuming the Chairpersonship of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) for 2024.

President Vella also met with Michael Roth, Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the German Parliament, discussing developments in the Ukraine war and the Israel-Hamas conflict. They emphasized the importance of EU unity and its role in international affairs, with Malta actively participating in global diplomatic efforts.


Malta October 2023 Driest Since 1922, UOM Report Warns

Malta October 2023 Driest Since 1922, UOM Report Warns
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In 2023, the World Meteorological Organisation declared it the warmest year on record globally, with an alarming average temperature of 1.45 ± 0.12 °C above pre-industrial levels. Extreme weather events, growing in frequency and cost, are now challenging global forecasts. 

The World Economic Forum warns of potential 14.5 million deaths and $12.5 trillion in economic losses worldwide by 2050 due to climate change, emphasizing the urgent need for global action.

Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands faced $43 billion in damages and 200 deaths from floods in July 2021, with event costs rising by almost 77% between 2018-2023.

Malta experienced its share of extreme weather events in 2023, such as intense heatwaves, erratic storms, and cyclones. Notably, October was the driest since 1922, and February delivered 70% of the winter’s precipitation. 

The Cerberus heatwave in July set records, with a 29.6 oC average temperature and a 10-day heatwave impacting national infrastructure. These events, intensifying and occurring more frequently, disrupt delicate ecosystems, agriculture, and population well-being.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres urgently calls for increased global action to limit the rise in global temperature to 1.5 °C and ensure climate justice. 

In the face of a shifting focus among climate deniers to undermine solutions, consistent messaging is crucial, especially on influential platforms like YouTube, given its potential to significantly influence public opinion for an extended period.


Most Consider Maximum Of 2 Others As ‘Best Friends’

Most Consider Maximum Of 2 Others As 'Best Friends'
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Asking our followers on Instagram, 35% of respondents revealed that they consider two other people to be their best friends. 20% consider only one person as such whereas 29% consider three persons as such.

16% said that they consider four or more people their best friend. 


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Asked how many times they meet their close group of friends a week, 52% said they only meet once a week or less. However, 33% said they meet them three or more times, with just 15% meeting them twice a week. 

Asked about whether they have close friends of the same sex/gender, 66% said yes whereas only 14% said no. 20% said it is a mix. 


Malta Daily Partners with Business Leaders Malta for Groundbreaking Conference “Mind The Gap”

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Malta Daily is proud to announce its partnership with Business Leaders Malta in launching one of the most anticipated events on the island – a business conference that has become a hallmark of excellence over the years. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, as Business Leaders Malta prepares to host the 11th edition of its esteemed conference, promising to make it the largest and most impactful yet.

This year’s conference, themed “Mind the Gap”, will be held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre and is set to delve into the generational divides that are currently shaping the business landscape. The theme is a reflection of the evolving challenges and opportunities that arise from the diverse age groups coexisting in today’s workforce. Understanding and bridging these gaps is crucial for the success and adaptability of businesses in a rapidly changing world.

The lineup of guest speakers is particularly noteworthy, featuring prominent figures such as David JP Phillips, Jenk Oz, Michael Cutajar, Neil Agius, Edward Curmi, and Katrina Grech. Their expertise and diverse perspectives are expected to offer profound insights and foster engaging discussions among attendees.

We encourage professionals and business enthusiasts to seize this opportunity by registering early. Early bird registrations are open until 15th February 2024, offering a chance to secure a place at what promises to be an enlightening and transformative event. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights, network with industry leaders, and be a part of an event that is shaping the future of business in Malta.