Praise for Matt Blxck’s Use of Maltese in Eurovision Points Announcement

Praise for Matt Blxck's Use of Maltese in Eurovision Points Announcement
May 13 2024 Share

Presenting Malta’s points during the Eurovision Grand Final, local artist Matt Blxck captured attention not only with his teddy-bear-covered suit but also by delivering the points in Maltese.

This act of pride in our language took place against a vibrant backdrop of enthusiastic Eurovision fans at the Eurovision Fanzone in Triton Square, Valletta. Blxck confidently awarded the twelve points to Switzerland, making a notable impression by using our native language on such an international stage.  Many took to social to congratulate the local artist and public vote winner of the year’s Malta Eurovision song contest.

The moment drew praise from various quarters, including TV presenter and Kalkara mayor Wayne Aquilina, who expressed his appreciation on Instagram. Aquilina congratulated Blxck for his use of Maltese, proposing that Malta should consider participating in next year’s Eurovision with a song in Maltese. He emphasised that this would not be just because “we’ve tried everything else,” but because “our language deserves to be promoted.”

Addressing the moment of national pride, Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici stated that Malta is proud of its language and committed to keep pushing it forward.

Do you think we should enter with a Maltese song next year?


Sarah Bonnici Congratulates Eurovision Winner Nemo

May 13 2024 Share

Maltese Eurovision representative Sarah Bonnici has congratulated Swiss artist Nemo for their groundbreaking win last Saturday at the 2024 grand final in Malmo, Sweden.

Bonnici with her song Loop, unfortunately did not pass through to the final even though there are hundreds and thousands of fans online criticizing the decision to not send her through to the final.

In her post, Bonnici told Nemo that the win was very deserved and that she was super grateful for the special moments the two shared together throughout their beautiful journey.

Nemo’s song “The Code”, won the highest scores from the nation’s juries and enough votes in the popular vote to win the whole thing over countries like Ukraine, Croatia and France.

Nemo also broke history by becoming the first ever non-binary artist to win the Eurovision and by becoming the first Swiss singer to win the contest since global superstar Celine Dion won it in 1988.


Cheryl Lofreda Expresses Immense Pride in The MVMT’s World of Dance Victory

Cheryl Lofreda Expresses Immense Pride in The MVMT's World of Dance Victory
May 13 2024 Share

Speaking to Malta Daily, The MVMT founder Cheryl Lofreda shared that she is extremely happy and proud of what the team managed to pull. Lofreda revealed the that it’s incredible how the group have returned to the competition in 2024 after first making waves at World of Dance in 2019.

The beloved local dancer and choreographer praise the competitors for an incredibly high level, reiterating her sense of pride in the team.

The group clinched their second victory at the World of Dance in Berlin, winning the Team Division title. The group, which first made waves at WOD in 2019, impressed again with their teamwork and skill.

This win highlights The MVMT’s dedication and adds to the growing recognition of Malta’s dance community.


Stella Maris Students Put On Incredible Firework Wheel Spectacle

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Students and staff from Stella Maris have put on an incredible firework wheel spectacle in celebration of their Founder’s Day last Saturday.

The raddiena itself was built by students and staff before the pandemic hit and has now been able to be actually used in celebration of their founder St. John Baptiste De La Salle.

Founder’s Day is not only celebrated by Stella Maris but also by the other two Maltese Lasallian schools, St. Benilds and De La Salle College.

The firework wheel has a long history connected to the traditional Maltese festi. In almost every village festa one will be able to see a massive ‘raddiena’ light up in front of their own eyes.