Pope Francis supports same-sex civil unions

Oct 21 2020 Share

In a recent feature-length documentary, debuted at the Rome Film Festival, Pope Francis showed his support for same-sex civil unions. 

This illustrates a striking shift in opinion from the Vatican as the pope stated that homosexual people possess the right to have a family as they are also children of the Lord.

The documentary, named ‘Francesco’ tackles issues closest to the pope’s heart such as poverty, migration, race and equality, amongst others.

COVID-19 has brought an increase in domestic violence

Oct 21 2020 Share

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a number of external problems beyond its actual health drawbacks. 

One of the main problems is the surge in domestic violence around the world as a result of isolation, as many victims of domestic abuse are forced to stay inside with their abusers. The United Nations have called this ever-increasing issue a ‘shadow pandemic’.

Malta has a 179 helpline for anyone suffering any kind of abuse which requires an urgent response.


Large crowds spotted at Champions League match

Oct 21 2020 Share

The Champions League opening day fixture of Renne vs. Krasnodar would seem like a typical COVID-era football game, or so one would think. 

A peculiar number of football fans were spotted at the French stadium as the home team of Rennes took on Russian-side Krasnodar. 

This comes after UEFA’s recent loosening of restrictions which made it permissible to accept 30 percent of fans back into stadiums for Champions League games.


Ronaldo shaves head while in quarantine

Oct 21 2020 Share

Portuguese football icon Cristiano Ronaldo is well-known for the occasional change of hairstyle but quarantine has clearly pushed him to the limit.

The Juventus star’s girlfriend shaved his head as he is captured in his gym clearly enjoying isolation.