Polls Show Support For Smartphone Ban For Children

Mar 30 2024 Share

In the United Kingdom there have been a lot of calls for the government to explore the possibility of banning smartphones for children and minors under the age of 16.

According to a survey more than four in five (83%) parents said they felt smartphones were “harmful” to children and young people, with British charity Parentkind calling on all political parties to include a ban on smartphones in their electoral manifesto months before the general election.

A survey conducted by Parentkind, involving 2,496 parents of school-aged children in England, indicates that 58% of parents think the Government should enforce a ban on smartphones for children under the age of 16.

Along with Parentkind, the challenge to ban smartphones for kid is also being led by mother of three Daisy Greenwell.

Greenwell, who had been discussing the matter privately with a close friend for a while, was informed by another mother that her 11-year-old son already owned a smartphone, just like a third of the boy’s classmates.

“This discussion has really worried me. I don’t want to provide my child with something that I believe will harm her mental well-being and lead to addiction,” she posted on Instagram.

Greenwell and her friend Clare Reynolds have now launched the Parents United for a Smartphone Free Childhood campaign.


Celebrating World Bipolar Day!

Celebrating World Bipolar Day!
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World Bipolar Day is celebrated annually on 30th March, the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, who is believed to have had bipolar disorder.

The scope of World Bipolar Day is to remember that those who have bipolar disorder can achieve great things and to remind them that they are not alone.

When on treatment they are capable of living full, successful lives, despite and in spite of their diagnosis.

Bipolar Disorder is a mental condition that brings severe high and low moods and changes in sleep, energy, thinking, and behaviour. People who have bipolar disorder can have periods in which they feel overly happy and energized, and other times very sad, hopeless, and sluggish. In between the highs and lows, they usually feel normal.

This year’s focus is to show the public that individuals who live with bipolar disorder are more than their diagnosis and to learn more about this disorder and be encouraged to fight the stigma associated with any mental health disorder.

Be Positive Self Help Group Malta holds meetings every second Friday of the month at the Russian Chapel in the President’s Palace in Balzan.

Do contact us on facebook: Be Positive – Bipolar Self Help Malta or email: [email protected] or on our website: www.bipolarmalta.org – we can help each other, or perhaps that partner, you love and care for!


Europe Is In ‘Pre-War Era’, Warns Polish Prime Minister

Europe Is In 'Pre-War Era', Warns Polish Prime Minister
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In a stark warning, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk described Europe as being in a “pre-war era,” a situation unseen since 1945, due to escalating tensions with Russia.

Speaking to Die Welt, Tusk highlighted the gravity of the conflict that began over two years ago with Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, stressing that “war is no longer a concept from the past.” The invasion has significantly altered Europe’s geopolitical landscape, prompting a shift in defence strategies across the continent.

Countries such as Sweden and Finland have joined NATO, marking a departure from their longstanding neutrality, while nations like Estonia, Lithuania, and Moldova have significantly increased their defence efforts and sought closer ties with the European Union.

The “Weimar Triangle,” comprising France, Germany, and Poland, has been at the forefront of Europe’s defence reinforcement against potential Russian aggression. Tusk, having returned to power, is focused on re-aligning Poland with European values after years of populist rule, underlining Poland’s increased military spending and support for Ukrainian refugees.

However, Tusk voiced concerns that Europe still needs to achieve greater defence autonomy and resilience, irrespective of the U.S. presidency stance. He also cautioned that Russian President Vladimir Putin might exploit recent terrorist attacks in Moscow to justify further aggression in Ukraine, drawing parallels with past incidents used by Putin to escalate conflicts.


Hundreds Of Car Enthusiasts Meet Together In Car Meet

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Last Saturday hundreds of car enthusiasts met up in Marsa in an event hosted by megameets.mt, photographer carspottingmalta and local car enthusiast ir_ruddy, to break the record for the biggest ever car meet in Malta.

The meet took place in the Daikoku Marsa car park underneath the Marsa bypass , an iconic place for Maltese car enthusiasts as it is the place where the majority of car meet ups take place in Malta due to it’s vast space.

In an Instagram post after the meet Ruddy revealed that over 500 cars were present for the meet making it Malta’s biggest ever car meetup. The event also featured music and food with local DJ Stefan Azzopardi mixing his sets and iconic food truck american meals lso showing up providing people the opportunity to vibe to music and eat.