Police force to revise policy on social media ‘likes’ and comments after public uproar

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Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà is expected to revise police policy with regards to ‘likes’ and comments on social media, the Police Officers’ Union says.

The Malta Police Association had debated the fact that some officers were being called to the Board of Professional Standards with regards to ‘likes’ on political profiles by police officials, sharing a post lamenting this on social media.

This uproar occurred after some officers liked or commented on a post published by Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri on his birthday.


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The first AstraZeneca vaccine consignment will arrive on Sunday

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In a live briefing on the Health Ministry’s saħħa Facebook page, Deputy Prime minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne, together with Minister Carmelo Abela gave an update with regards to the arrival of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Fearne stated that the first AstraZeneca vaccine consignment will arrive on Sunday while letters to vulnerable individuals and those with chronic illnesses.

He went on to appeal for calmness as not everyone may receive their vaccine letters at the same time.


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Keith Schembri being interrogated by Financial Crimes Investigation Department

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Former Castille Chief of Staff Keith Schembri is currently being interrogated by the Economic Crimes Unit following Konrad Mizzi’s interrogation on Wednesday.

Mizzi’s interrogation took around 90 minutes in the Economic Crimes department on Wednesday as he and Schembri attracted much attention in the aftermath of the Panama scandal.

More on the story as it develops.


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Hugo’s Group boss hints at international expansion for Hugo’s Burger Bar

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Hugo’s Burger Bar, one of Malta’s leading fast food establishments may have big plans for the future as CEO and Managing Director Luke Chetcuti hints at monumental growth for the company.

In an Instagram story posted on Monday, Chetcuti hinted at BIG potential future plans by posting a promo for Hugo’s Burger Bar South, omitting the ‘South’ and adding a global emoji, hinting at the company’s international expansion.

Hugo’s Burger Bar has grown exponentially in the past years and is one of the island’s favourite dining spots so entering the global market does not only mean good news for Hugo’s, but good news for wherever they may be going.


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