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Point Blank: A new vocal group empowering through music

Mar 25 2023 Share

A new vocal group has recently emerged in Malta, with the aim of empowering all those who are silenced. Point Blank, composed of five young members, released their debut single titled SHOUT by Christina Magrin, which has already gained popularity in the local music scene.

Despite their young age, Aaliyah, Gianluca, Norah, Sophie, and Thomas are determined to make their voice heard. The name Point Blank represents their eagerness to be direct in their message, which they mainly portray through their music. Their message is clear: “No Looking Back! There’s No Stopping Us!”

Point Blank’s music video for SHOUT, released on March 4th, depicts different struggles that are relatable to many experiences we all have, whether young or not. The song portrays a message of empowerment to all those who are struggling to make their voices heard.

Claudia Magrin, the vocal coach and manager of Point Blank, believes that the strength of this group lies in the diversity in personalities and voices of its members. Each member brings a unique skill to the group, with Aaliyah, Gianluca, and Thomas playing the piano, Norah being involved in dancing, Sophie being passionate about sketching and drama production, and Thomas playing water polo.

Point Blank’s debut single SHOUT is available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Apple Music, and iTunes. They can also be followed on social media @Pointblankmalta.

In a world where many voices are silenced, it’s inspiring to see a young group like Point Blank using their passion for music to empower others. With their unique talents and determination, we can expect to see more great things from them in the future.


Rosianne Cutajar breaks her silence following chat leaks

Rosianne Cutajar breaks her silence following chat leaks
Mar 25 2023 Share

Labour MP Rosianne Cutajar broke her silence by taking to her Instagram stories to thank those who reached out to offer their support.

This followed the publication of thousands of intimate WhatsApp messages between her and Yorgen Fenech, who is currently charged with the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

The transcripts of 2,200 chats reveal a relationship between Cutajar and Fenech during a time when she publicly dismissed calls to investigate suspected corruption linked to him.

Cutajar’s lawyers argue that the publication of these chats violates court-imposed secrecy and her right to a private life.

Cutajar is also suing Camilleri over claims made in his book, “A Rent Seeker’s Paradise,” where he stated that she had an affair with Fenech to advance her political career.

The chats were released a day before the libel case filed by the MP against Camilleri was set to continue. Cutajar’s lawyers urged the Attorney General to inform the court of the publication without delay.

Camilleri published the chats on his website, and if they were taken from criminal records, he would have breached criminal laws that prohibit the publication of such proceedings.


Roberto Mancini seen jogging on Sliema Promenade ahead of Euro Qualifiers against Malta

Roberto Mancini seen jogging on Sliema Promenade ahead of Euro Qualifiers against Malta
Mar 25 2023 Share
Italian National Team coach Roberto Mancini was seen jogging along the Sliema promenade this morning before his team’s upcoming Euro Qualifier match against Malta.
Malta come into this game on the back of a 2-1 loss to Blagoja Milevski’s North Macedonia in the league. Second-half goals from Napoli midfielder Elif Elmas and Burnley winger Darko Churlinov secured the win for North Macedonia. Midfielder Yannick Yankam scored the goal for Malta.

Italy, on the other hand, lost 2-1 to 10-man England in their most recent game. First-half goals from West Ham United midfielder Declan Rice and Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane sealed the win for Gareth Southgate’s England, who had Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw sent off late in the second half. Tigre striker Mateo Retegui scored the goal for Italy.
The 16,000 seats at Ta’ Qali National Stadium have all been sold, with tickets selling for up to €70 at the west stand and €35 at the Millennium Stand. Cheaper €20 tickets at the stadium’s south end have been sold out since January.


Photo Credit: Sliema Local Council / Daniela Said

‘Order in Chaos’ as seen through the lens of Martin Agius

Mar 25 2023 Share

‘Order in Chaos’: A quirky dimension of light, colour and contrast — as seen through the lens of Martin Agius

A visual journey through everyday life that juxtaposes past and current trends is brought to vivid life by Martin Agius’ latest exhibition entitled Order in Chaos.

Agius has established himself amongst Malta’s foremost photo-journalists and his evident passion for the aesthetic aspects of social life – a hands-on experience brought to light through his latest collection of street photography – is expressed through a quintessentially-Maltese viewpoint with more than a passing nod to the odd feature that’s both quirky and unpredictable.

Suffice it to say that this particular set of photographs includes some veritable throwbacks, depicted by whimsical local scenes that are balanced out by much more modern takes as seen through abstract prisms. A typical example is the new Parliament Building by Renzo Piano bathed in surreal light and which, conversely throws up some distinctive shadows (in typical chiaroscuro) that underline the contrasting imagery.

Martin Agius has won a spate of prestigious awards through his highly personalised interpretation of the visual content at hand – both local and foreign and which is given a unique perspective and focus. Meanwhile, Agius manages to display a rare dexterity and insight into the most complex of presentations and which has been recognised by the most discerning critics in the field of photography.

Agius has perfected his own style over the years and is now passing on his expertise to other budding photographers who attend his regular courses. Exercises that train one’s eye and mind and which, above all, are meant to capture the very essence of street life and all its colourful characters that flit in and out of any given scene.

This photojournalist’s first public presentation harks back to 2016 and when he hit the ground running with an exhibition entitled ‘Malta Street Life’ with a subsequent take on the very same theme (‘City Life’) following hard on its heels a year later.

The years 2020 and 2021 brought him unparalleled success during which he further showcased his talents at one of the most prestigious international photography events that’s based in Japan and which proved a veritable milestone in his career.

Martin Agius has also had the opportunity to display his works on similar occasions in Egypt, Greece, Italy and the UK – while also distinguishing himself through an exclusive (solo) exhibition at Avantech’s (Canon Shop) company premises.

The overall relevance of these standout features was eloquently highlighted by Mariella Pisani Bencini – an undisputed authority on local culture – who, in her introductory speech, emphasised Agius’s evident passion for street-life that’s expressed so evocatively through his roving lens.

When all is said and done, ‘Order in Chaos’ weaves a rich tapestry of colour and light through a set of 14 photographs which capture the hitherto unseen spirit of situations that do not normally merit a second glance. A presentation which also sneaks in an unexpected tinge of darkness that helps create a sensory overload and which works on the mind’s eye exactly as intended.