PN MP challenges Fearne over rumour of snap election called next week

 - Budget 2022 - Oct 13
PN MP challenges Fearne over rumour of snap election called next week

Speaking on ONE TV’s show ‘Taf X’Qed Jghidu’ lat night, Shadow Finance Minister Mario De Marco raised up the now escalating rumour of a snap election to Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne. Debating about the 2022 Budget presented last Monday by Minister Clyde Caruana, the PN MP that people are expecting better from the Labour administration given that they have been in power for 9 years. Following question prompts by the host, De Marco went on to say;

‘The PL government wants to go for an early election; the rumour is that it will dissolve Parliament on Tuesday.’ Fearne however did not hold back any punches and said that it is De Marco who is bringing up the rumour. Fearne did not address the answer directly, shifting the topic onto the PN. He suspects that the PN too want an early election despite having the polls against them. They want this because they are, according to Fearne, tired of their leader (Bernard Grech) and want to replace him as they did his predecessor. 

De Marco dismissed this argument, asking the Health Minister once again whether the election will be announced soon. Fearne again refused to confirm or deny. With rumours that Prime Minister Robert Abela was considering a snap election floating around, the PM refused to settle the rumours during multiple press conferences. He said he was only focused on implementing measures announced in the Budget. 


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