PN MP calls for end of stigma against Hamrun & Marsa following series of recent crimes

PN MP calls for end of stigma against Hamrun & Marsa following series of recent crimes
Jul 26 2022 Share

Nationalist Party MP Darren Carabott has delivered a passionate public statement in light of recent comments surrounding the central villages of Hamrun and Marsa.

In a Facebook post published on Monday, Carabott stated that he is fed up of reading and hearing such comments against Hamrun and Marsa. Whilst referencing the series of crimes occurring in the two villages in the past few weeks, Carabott stated that the villages themselves are also victims and suffer from a stigma, with public comments shunning the locations contributing to such stigma.

The MP said that they bear the responsibility of multiple societal problems and cannot begin to understand the feelings of individuals living in such locations. He went on to praise all disciplinary forces and health officials for their tireless work whilst everyone watches.

What do you make of this mentality?


Joseph Muscat gives government 5 recommendations to handle inflation

Jul 25 2022 Share

Former Prime Minister and now chairman of MPFCA, Joseph Muscat has recently posted on Linked.In his views on inflation in the country. He also recommended  and put forward five hard facts towards not only the government but also stakeholders.

He said that in his opinion the analysis on inflation rates tend to be more superficial and most of the time focus more on figures found in headlines rather than reports.

He went on to say that at 6.1%, Malta’s inflation is the lowest in the Eurozone countries, because of the  government’s policy to absorb energy and fuel price shocks. Even though this strategy is expensive in Muscat’s opinion it only helps local consumers and business.

However he later goes on to state that without energy and fuel contributions to inflation, Malta has one of the highest cost of living in Europe, the eight highest in the Eurozone to be precise.

He also recommended to  the government that they simulate the economy without fear. This means not being cautious to decrease spending, increase taxes and make further controversial decisions which will work in the long run.

Muscat also points out the need for policy and fiscal measures aimed at the transport and logistics part of the economy. This is because an increase in transport will not work in the long run due to Malta’s geographic size.

The former Labour Leader ends his post by motivating trade unions and employers representatives to tackle the small minority of economic players who  are taking advantage of the current global narrative to artificially inflate prices.


WATCH: Malta Eurovision Song Contest superfan gets logo tattooed on arm

WATCH: Malta Eurovision Song Contest superfan gets logo tattooed on arm
Jul 25 2022 Share

There are Eurovision fans, then there are EUROVISION FANS.

You may be an avid follower of the Eurovision Song Contest and the Maltese edition building up to it, but are you dedicated enough to get it tattooed? Because one person is and they’ve decided to get marked for life with the song contest’s logo.

@style_inktattoo_zvetlana #eurovision #eurovisionsongcontest #eurovisiontattoo #styleink #getinked ♬ Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral – WZ Beat

Sporting a Maltese flag in the shape of a heart accompanied by the iconic Eurovision lettering, a TikTok video of the Eurovision tattoo shared by the artist has since garnered close to 9,000 views.

This is the most recent in a series of quirky Maltese tattoos after a local student recently got the Twistees chef tattooed on his leg whilst in Turkey.


Eurovision announce UK as next years host

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Eurovision have announced that next year’s event will take place in the United Kingdom due to the ongoing war in last year’s winning country Ukraine. The BBC will be in charge of broadcasting and producing the event but they will reportedly work alongside Ukraine station UA:PBC to include Ukrainian elements in next year’s show.



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Many believed that UK would be the country to host next year’s event, due to the ongoing war and because of the fact that they were runners up in last year’s Eurovision held in Italy.

Now a bidding process will commence in order to see which city will the event take place in. As of right now all these cities have expressed their interest,  Sheffield, Bristol, London, Manchester, Brighton, Liverpool, Cardiff, Leeds.

The UK has hosted the contest on eight previous occasions, in London, Edinburgh, Brighton, Harrogate and Birmingham.