PN calls on government to withdraw the January 17th measures

 - COVID-19 - Jan 12
PN calls pn government to withdraw the January 17th measures

Nationalist Party and Opposition Leader Bernard Grech issued a statement calling on the government to withdraw immediately the COVID measures coming into effect on the 17th of January. 

Taking to Facebook, Bernard Grech began his statement by clarifying that he fully supports the recommendation by medical health professionals for people to get vaccinated with both shots and the booster. However, he said, the right for a person to make their own decision should be respected. 

‘That a government enforces people to get vaccinated will not have the same results as when vaccine hesitant people consult inoculation with a trusted family doctor’. 

He went on to add that these measures, ‘which many consider excessive and discriminatory’, will be increasing pressure on the worker who is already facing difficulties in employment, an increase in costs and ‘an added bureaucracy.’ 

He went on to state that if the government plans to hold these measures in place, there needs to be more transparency about the science upon which these decisions are being made. 

The government, Grech said, should explain why Malta took a different route compared to that of other countries even in terms of periods of time between vaccination and booster shots. 

Finally, he added, the government should make self-testing kits legal and available, due to the increase in active cases and difficulty in accessing testing centres.

‘Measures should find an adequate balance between public health and people’s freedoms’ he concluded. The PN’s call to reconsider the measures was also echoed by many organisations and sectors around the island,. What do you think?  


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