PN Call For Authorities To Protect Ġgantija Temples National Heritage

PN Call For Authorities To Protect Ġgantija Temples National Heritage
Nov 20 2023 Share

Addressing a visit to the Ġgantija Megalithic temples, Opposition leader Bernard Grech said that such sites are of great national and global importance and that they should not be placed under risk due to a lack of action by those designated to protect them. 

Grech was speaking following the announcement that a construction project will be taking place close to these temples, despite warnings by UNESCO and public outrage. 

The Nationalist Party leader said that this ‘scandalous permit’ is a confirmation that the Authority for Planning has become ‘the department for permits’.

Grech urged Robert Abela’s government to take the necessary actions to protect the sites and eliminate any potential risk which could impact them through construction. 

Grech was accompanied by Deputies Alex Borg, Chris Said, Julie Zahra and Stanley Zammit. 


Palumbo Shipyards Open Day 2023: A Maritime Extravaganza!

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“Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the heart of maritime innovation. Mark your calendars and set sail with us at Palumbo Shipyard Open Day!” 

Once more, after the great success of 2016 first edition, Palumbo Shipyards an iconic name in the maritime industry, extends a warm welcome to the public for an unforgettable experience at their Open Day on Sunday, November 26th, from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Discover Maritime Excellence:

Join us for an exclusive opportunity inside Palumbo Shipyards and delve into the world of maritime mastery. Whether you’re fascinated by ship repair, or intrigued by maritime history this is an event you won’t want to miss. But that’s not all! Bring your family and friends for a day filled with excitement. Climb aboard the Pilot boat, chat with the skilled crew, and experience the thrill of maritime life—all while shipyard activities are done in context of supporting both the blue economy and green maritime initiatives!

Renowned for its excellence in ship repair, maintenance, and refitting services, Palumbo Shipyards boasts a legacy deeply intertwined with Malta’s maritime history. The shipyard plays a pivotal role in the growth and development of the local maritime industry. ­The history of Palumbo Shipyards stands as living proof that economic development and green maritime economy can and should coexist through a model of constant innovation and research.

“Best of all, admission is open and free!

Family-Friendly Extravaganza:

Bring the whole family along for a day filled with adventure and entertainment. Enjoy educational tours of the shipyard, featuring special areas not accessible on regular days. Top local artists will grace the stage throughout the day, adding a touch of Maltese flair to the festivities.

Palumbo Shipyards Open Day 2023 is not just an event; it’s an immersive experience for the whole family. From the roar of Ferraris to the laughter of children enjoying games and shows, the shipyard will transform into a family-friendly haven. This is your exclusive pass to a day filled with maritime wonders and entertainment for all.

Palumbo Shipyards Open Day goes beyond the ordinary. This unique occasion allows the public an insider’s view into the intricacies of maritime services, showcasing the skill and dedication involved in repair, refit, and maintenance of strong ships to hit the ocean’ waves.

Special Highlights:

Luxury vehicles: Ferrari Exhibition: Witness the beauty of iconic Ferrari vehicles on display.

Children’s Games: An exclusive area for the little ones with train rides around the yard, Flyboard shows and others.

Music Performances: Experience performances that captivate audiences of all ages with well-known Maltese artists such as Ivan Grech, Kantera, Freddy Portelli, Joe Demicoli, Claudia & Fabrizio Faniello, Kevin Paul & Kurt Calleja and also id-Dulli & Veronica.

Informative Tours: Explore workshops, docks, and other normally restricted areas to gain a deeper understanding of Palumbo Shipyards’ daily operations.

Sustainability Labs: Discover Palumbo green soul, its commitment to be completely sustainable by 2030, its massive solar plants, its recycling practices and learn together with our teams all the best tips to contribute to the better of the environment.

“Join us on the 26th November for an exclusive tour of our cutting-edge facilities. Witness the craftsmanship that goes into repairing incredible vessels that navigate the seas!”

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary maritime event. For more information and updates, visit Palumbo Shipyards Official Facebook Page on https://www.facebook.com/palumboshipyardsofficial.

Event Details:

Date: Sunday, November 26th, 2023
Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Location: Palumbo Shipyards, The Docks – Għajn Dwieli Road, Paola.


VapeDrop: The Impact Of Single Use Vapes On Malta’s Environment

VapeDrop: The Impact Of Single Use Vapes On Malta’s Environment
Nov 20 2023 Share

The VapeDrop campaign stands as a beacon of environmental responsibility, orchestrated by WEEE Malta to coincide with the European Week of Waste Reduction from 18-26 November. This campaign is a call to address the critical environmental challenge of improperly disposed single-use vapes, which pose a significant threat to Malta’s cherished natural landscapes.

With a staggering amount of vapes not being discarded in an environmentally friendly manner, the campaign gains urgency. The lithium batteries within these devices are not only a fire hazard in waste facilities but also risk leaching toxic chemicals into the environment when disposed of improperly. VapeDrop aims to mitigate these risks by introducing a robust recycling initiative.

At the heart of VapeDrop’s strategy is the placement of specially designed recycling bins in local Maltese stores. These bins serve as a tangible solution for the collection and recycling of used vapes. The campaign’s dual approach pairs this practical measure with an educational campaign. WEEE Malta in collaboration with The Growth Bully compiled compelling social media engagement and AI-generated imagery, which illustrates the stark contrast between the pristine beauty of Malta and the potential devastation caused by vape littering.

This repository ensures that the campaign’s vital message is disseminated cohesively and effectively, fostering a community-wide commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.


Marking 30 Years of Mental Health Advocacy

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Richmond Foundation is set to host its Annual Conference 2023 at Villa Arrigo tomorrow at 8:30 am.

This year’s conference holds special significance as it marks the 30th anniversary of the Foundation, which has been dedicated to supporting and advocating for individuals with mental illness. The chosen theme, “From Stigma to Strength: Honouring 30 years of Mental Health Advocacy,” reflects the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to transforming societal attitudes toward mental health.

Founded three decades ago, the Richmond Foundation has played a pivotal role in the mental health landscape, challenging stereotypes and fostering understanding. Over the years, the organization has tirelessly worked to dismantle the stigma associated with mental health issues, advocating for a more inclusive and compassionate society.

The theme for this year’s conference, “From Stigma to Strength,” encapsulates the journey the Foundation has undertaken in the past 30 years. It not only reflects on the progress made in changing perceptions around mental health but also acknowledges the resilience and strength of individuals facing mental health challenges. This theme is a testament to the Foundation’s core mission and its determination to create a world where mental health is treated with the same importance as physical health.

Expert Panels and Discussions: The conference will feature expert panels and discussions led by prominent figures in the field of mental health. These sessions will delve into the progress made in mental health advocacy over the past 30 years and explore the challenges that still persist.

Personal Stories of Resilience: Attendees will have the opportunity to hear firsthand accounts from individuals who have faced mental health challenges and emerged stronger. These personal stories aim to inspire hope and reduce the sense of isolation that often accompanies mental health struggles.

Showcasing Achievements: The Foundation will highlight its achievements and milestones, showcasing the impact of its programs and initiatives. This retrospective look will underscore the positive changes brought about by the organization in the lives of countless individuals.

Interactive Workshops: The conference will include interactive workshops designed to engage participants and provide practical tools for promoting mental well-being. Workshops will cover a range of topics, from destigmatizing language to creating supportive environments.

As the Richmond Foundation’s Annual Conference 2023 unfolds tomorrow at Villa Arrigo, it promises to be a momentous occasion celebrating not only the organisation’s 30 years of dedication but also the collective progress made in mental health advocacy.

Reserve your spot on: https://lnkd.in/dZBae4dV