PM says delays into Jean Paul Sofia inquiry are unacceptable

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PM says delays into Jean Paul Sofia inquiry are unacceptable

Addressing a parliamentary debate on Monday, prime minister Robert Abela slammed the length of time being taken for a magisterial inquiry into the death of Jean Paul Sofia to conclude as unacceptable. 

The Prime Minister noted how three months after the 20-year-old’s death in Corradino, the initial stages of an inquiry have not yet been concluded. 

The procès-verbal, a report on the findings of a magisterial inquiry, is not yet wrapped up and nobody has been charged, said Abela. 

This report would be presented in court as part of the compilation of evidence against anyone charged with a crime based on the inquiry’s findings. 

Abela did not refer to the site or the victim by name, taking issue with the length of time and lack of action indirectly. Sofia had been found in the rubble of the collapsed site after 16 hours of searching. 

A public inquiry into the death of Sofia has been pushed by his family as well as the Opposition, but the Labour Party has so far resisted. 

The comments came as Abela praised retired judge Joe Żammit McKeon, who was approved to become Ombudsman on Monday and had issued, according to Abela, 2,106 court sentences in his 12 years as judge. 


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Police issue search warrant for man Guru Lakkappa

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Police issue search warrant for man Guru Lakkappa

The Malta Police Force have issued a search warrant for a man named Guru Lakkappa. 

‘Anyone with any information is kindly asked to contact the Police by sending a message via this page or call the Police GHQ even anonymously, on 21224001/ 119 or at the nearest Police station and quote number 9/2023’ the police wrote. 



Man who reportedly threatened to throw acid at wife’s face denied bail

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Man who reportedly threatened to throw acid at wife's face denied bail

Bail was denied for a man who reportedly threatened to throw acid at his estranged wife after she accused him of having an affair with his secretary. 

A 39-year-old truck driver from Ħaż-Żebbuġ was remanded in custody after threatening and harassing his estranged ex-partner as well as breaking bail conditions. 

The man was also charged with stalking the woman, misusing electronic telecommunications equipment and recidivism. 

According to TVM, the accused allegedly threatened to make the victim’s life hell and that he would disfigure her face with acid in a bid to keep her away from attending her daughter’s first communion. 

MaltaToday reported how the police had immediately issued a warrant for the man’s arrest but they were unable to track him down. The defendant was arrested on Saturday. 

The man admitted during his interrogation that he sent some messages to the victim but insisted that the messages were sent in the heat of the moment and that he never raised a hand on her. 

Pleading not guilty and with defence lawyer Jason Grima requesting bail, the protection objected as they told the court that he had threatened to shoot the woman. The court was not convinced that the man would abide by his bail conditions and ordered him to be remanded in custody. 


Office kettles and fridge door handles could carry dangerous bacteria

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Ok maybe don’t tag your boss for this one. Office staff are being advised to seriously consider improving workplace hygiene after scientists found an influx of bacteria when examining communal kitchen items. 

Scientists from the UK found evidence of bugs which are typically spread through faeces on items like fridge door handles, coffee machines, microwave buttons and even kettles. 

A microbiologist from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and chief researcher of the campaign named Dr Adam Roberts said that results predict that staff are not washing their hands thoroughly, or at all, after using the bathroom. 

Dr Roberts and his team took swabs from shared kitchen areas in office spaces and construction worker break rooms and found various types of bacteria. 

These included E.coli – a common bacteria known to cause gastro-intestinal illnesses -, pseudomonas – linked to respiratory infections -, and Klebsiella – which can lead to pneumonia. 

The best way to combat this, the researchers said, is to practice good hygiene as much as possible. With fridge door handles being some of the most impacted areas, workers were encouraged to wash their hands often and clean after using the kitchen. 


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