PM Robert Abela believes Malta is best in Europe, as we manage to keep reducing infection rates

Dec 20 2020 Share

During today’s press conference, Prime Minister Robert Abela states that he believes that Malta is the best in Europe when it comes to COVID-19.

Amidst most countries enforcing harsher restrictions during the Christmas period, Malta is managing to keep reducing COVID-19 infection rates.


18-year-old suffered grievous injuries after falling 4 storeys

Dec 20 2020 Share

At around 11 PM yesterday, an 18-year-old from Holland fell 4 storeys in Marsascala.

The boy fell in what the police described as an abandoned building. A magisterial inquiry was opened and further investigations are being made.

The boy is now in hospital being treated for his grievous injuries.


€350,000 in drugs seized yesterday in Paola & Marsa

Dec 20 2020 Share

Police officials seized €350,000 worth in drugs yesterday during a raid in Paola and Marsa.

The police confiscated 5.5Kgs which they suspect to be cocaine and cannabis if sold they would be at a value of around €350,000 €100,000 in jewellery, €85,000 in cash and around €250,000 in cars.

Two men were arrested in connection with this drug bust; A 29-year-old from Paolo and a 40-year-old from Ħamrun.


Malta’s favourite father-son duo hit us with a heartwarming video for Christmas

Dec 19 2020 Share

Jomike and Lydon are undoubtedly this year’s break-out stars and Malta’s new favourite father-son duo and they have graced our screens yet again to send us a heartwarming message for Christmas.


In a video posted by Dr. Lydia Abela, wife of the Prime Minister, Jomike and Lydon encourage their fellow Maltese to call their grandparents via tablets as well as keeping the children in mind, making sure no one is left without a gift this Christmas.