Plans for restaurant in St. Venera’s Romeo Romano Garden scrapped after public outcry

Plans for restaurant in St. Venera's Romeo Romano Garden scrapped after public outcry
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Previous plans for a restaurant in Santa Venera’s Romeo Romano garden have been scrapped after a public outcry against it.

In a video posted on her Facebook page, Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli stated that the previous plan was to convert a building in the garden into a kitchen garden but after the public call and the recognition that other restaurants satisfy the public’s commercial appeal, other considerations will be made.

In another Facebook past, Nationalist MP within the first district Darren Carabott stated that “this is a result we achieved because we worked together.” Carabott highlighted that he was always in favour of the garden’s development and restoration and it is a result of clear objections ‘which are not obvious for everyone’.

Carabott thanked the hundreds of people who put forward their objections, as well as Moviment Graffitti for their efforts.

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Photo Source: Matthew Axiak

Prosecutor from Attorney General’s office found dead in Swieqi home

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A prosecutor from the Attorney General’s office, 43-year-old Karl Muscat, was found dead in his Swieqi home in Triq is Sirk at around 1.30PM on Wednesday.

Police investigations are currently under way, together with a magisterial inquiry and foul play is not being excluded.

Sources told MaltaToday that Muscat’s house was “turned upside down.”

Muscat was leading the case against former More Supermarkets owner Ryan Schembri and was involved in proceedings against Yorgen Fenech, the former Progress Press and Allied Group director Vince Buhagiar and other cases.

Police spokesperson Brandon Pisani stated that it is early to establish the cause of death and more details will be revealed as the investigation unfold. Pisani described that insofar, while nothing is being excluded, there doesn’t seem to be third party persons involved.


President George Vella announces launch of 13th edition of Rockestra

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President George Vella took to Facebook to announce the launch of the 13th edition of one of Malta’s most popular events; Rockestra. Unlike last year’s event, which was a sit-down concert due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year it will feel like more of a festival as it will be an open-air standing event.

Paul Borg Bonaci did admit that there were talks to keep the event as a sit-down concert due to its success last year, however those talks didn’t lead to anything as he said “Rockestra’s audience likes to sing and dance, and that is indeed when Rockestra is at its best,”

The event will be held on the 10th of September at the MFCC’s outdoor area in Ta’ Qali. As per usual, all proceedings will go to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

“I don’t think I need to justify why this is a good cause. And we want to keep it going because there is a great need,” President George Vella said.

He also went on to say that the concert is specially designed for all generations and thanked all those involved in organising it.


Transport Minister blames traffic jams on feasts

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Transport minister Aaron Farrugia has attributed Malta’s current traffic situation due to the ongoing summer feasts instead of the number of road projects. Farrugia told Times of Malta that “the traffic jams are not just due to infrastructure work, but also because of closed roads for feasts during the summer months,”

The constant traffic jams have been a massive talking point in Maltese news lately as drivers have found it harder lately to commute around the country.

The problem was also raised by current Labour MEP and former Prime Minister Alfred Sant who took to Facebook to vent his frustration over the amount of traffic jams stating “there are too many public roadworks going on in our streets.” and “This is causing a great sense of frustration, as people get stuck in traffic jams,”

In accordance to Farrugia’s statements, last week the Santa Venera tunnels were supposed to be closed because of the display for the village feast however Transport Malta had to involve themselves and postpone the fire displays so they remain open for traffic.