Plans For 24/7 CCTV In Paceville To ‘Reduce Abuse’

Plans For 24/7 CCTV In Paceville To 'Reduce Abuse'
Jan 9 2024 Share

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri asserts that the implementation of 24/7 CCTV cameras in Paceville is expected to diminish crime and act as a deterrent against abuse by bouncers. 

Drawing parallels to the positive impact of police body cameras, Camilleri anticipates a similar effect in Paceville, reducing incidents of abuse. The government’s budget announcement included plans to deploy CCTV systems in Paceville, Marsa, and Paola to combat criminal activities.

Camilleri’s statements follow an incident where footage captured bouncers brutally assaulting an incapacitated man in Paceville. 

Subsequently, two bouncers, Riald Gragjevi and Ryan Zammit, faced charges for injuring the victim, with Zammit lacking the necessary security guard license. 

The Home Affairs Ministry condemned the violence, emphasizing that possessing a security guard license does not grant permission for violence.

In response to questions about bouncer regulation reforms, Camilleri highlighted existing laws and frequent spot-checks in Paceville to ensure compliance. 

Regarding the efficacy of 24/7 CCTV cameras in crime reduction, Camilleri contends that individuals reconsider criminal actions when aware of being filmed. He points to a decrease in bodily harm in St Julian’s last year, emphasizing the potential deterrent effect of surveillance cameras.


Here Is Who Our Followers Chose As Their Favourite Actor

Here Is Who Our Followers Chose As Their Favourite Actor
Jan 9 2024 Share

Here’s who our followers voted for as their favourite actors! Johnny Depp and young star Gavin Casalegno got multiple votes, with other popular figures like Cillian Murphy and Pedro Pascal also having their fans in the polls.


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Other notable mentions were Liam Neeson and Mackenyu, along with mega-star Adam Sandler as well as The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln. Orlando Bloom and Timothee Chalamet also had a couple of fans.

Up next, we’ll be asking you for your favourite actresses – so you better have your answers ready!

Did we miss anyone in particular?


630 Parents Were Abused By Their Children In Last 2 Years

630 Cases Of Child On Parent Domestic Abuse In Last 2 Years
Jan 9 2024 Share

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri disclosed in parliament that, In the last two years, 630 parents fell victim to violence perpetrated by their own children. 

The shocking statistics, provided on behalf of a parliamentary question by PN MP Paula Mifsud Bonnici, gathered from 2021, revealed that 568 reports of domestic violence had been lodged by parents – a total of 630 individuals. 

The victims comprised 225 fathers and 405 mothers, with a significant portion of them—165 mothers and 150 fathers— aged 60 or above.

Legal actions were initiated in response to these reports, provided they were substantiated by evidence. Out of the reported cases, 461 instances resulted in court proceedings.


Prime Minister Discusses Aaron Farrugia Removal With Journalists

Prime Minister Discusses Aaron Farrugia Removal With Journalists
Jan 8 2024 Share

Responding to questions posed by journalists, Prime Minister Robert Abela revealed that the change made to remove Aaron Farrugia from the position of Transport and Infrastructure Minister was one that came from Abela deciding to change things around. 

Abela said that Aaron Farrugia was born in the Labour Party and worked a lot to give his very best work during his time. 

He emphasised that the changes do not mean an attempt to censor a particular member of parliament and asked why Farrugia was being singled out when other changes were being made.

Abela said that if changes are not made the party would stagnate, saying that the Opposition is experiencing this. 

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