Pizza Hut Donate Over 60 Pizzas to Mater Dei’s Oncology Centre

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Pizza Hut Donate Around 60 Pizzas to Mater Dei's Oncology Centre

Sharing love one slice at a time. 🍕 Pizza Hut Malta has shown that a delicious meal can be a source of comfort and joy, especially in challenging times. The pizza chain recently made a generous donation of over 60 mouthwatering pizzas to the dedicated staff at the Oncology Centre in Mater Dei Hospital, Malta.

Puttinu Cares took to social media on a Monday evening to publicly express their gratitude and praise for Pizza Hut’s thoughtful gesture. The post featured an uplifting snapshot capturing two hard-at-work members of the Oncology Centre team, standing alongside a representative from Pizza Hut, with two impressive stacks of piping hot pizzas gracing the scene.

The gesture is more than just a treat – it’s a symbol of appreciation for the relentless effort and unwavering dedication of the Oncology Centre team. These medical professionals work tirelessly to provide care, support, and hope to patients battling cancer, making a significant impact on their lives and those of their families.

Pizza Hut Malta’s contribution acknowledges the strenuous work carried out at the Oncology Centre and stands as a heartfelt token of admiration for the resilience and compassion demonstrated by the healthcare heroes. Amid the challenges and demands of their daily responsibilities, this thoughtful treat serves as a reminder that their efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated by the community they serve.

Kudos to Pizza Hut!


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Barbie is the First Solo-Woman-Directed Film to Make Over 1 Billion Dollars

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Barbie is the First Solo-Woman-Directed Film to Make Over 1 Billion Dollars

The year is 2023 and we are living in Barbie’s world. In an incredible cinematic feat, Barbie has strutted her way to a billion-dollar payday at the box office it is the first solo-woman-directed film to do it.

The power behind this history-making spectacle comes in the form of uber-talented director Greta Gerwig. In just 17 days after the big-screen debut, Barbie’s box office smash clocked in at a jaw-dropping $1.03 billion globally.

The world has witnessed only five other films hitting the billion-dollar jackpot since the pandemic went all drama-queen on us. For context, the other post-pandemic films to join the billions club since the pandemic are Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) Jurassic World Dominion (2022), Top Gun: Maverick (2022), The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023).

Barbie, with Greta Gerwig’s golden touch, has marched her way into this elite club, showing that when it comes to smashing ceilings, she’s got it all figured out.

Whether you’re a die-hard Barbie fan or just curious to see what all the fuss is about, one thing’s clear – Barbie’s billion-dollar reign isn’t ending anytime soon. So grab your popcorn, your pink feather boas, and your best “I’m ready to conquer the world” attitude. The Barbie fever has hit the box office, and it’s hotter than ever!


Alex Borg Raises Alarm Over “Burden on Maltese Society”

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In a recent social media post, PN MP Alex Borg expressed his concerns about what he called “the burden that various sectors of Maltese society are facing.”

He highlighted the strain on the police force, healthcare workers, infrastructure, and the elderly, attributing this burden to the decisions made by the current government.

One central theme of Borg’s message is, in his words, “the idea that the current government, led by Prime Minister Robert Abela and Minister Clyde Caruana, needs to take immediate action to address the problems at hand.”

On Facebook, Borg reminds the government of its five-year mandate and stresses that the solutions are needed now, not later.

Borg’s critique extends to the economic policies that have been pursued by the government. He warns against over-reliance on the “cheap labor” model for economic growth, suggesting that such a strategy may have contributed to the burden on various sectors.

The PN MP indicates that the Opposition is willing to collaborate with the government to find solutions.


Maltese Muay Thai Sensations Deliver Knockout Debut

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In an electrifying showdown that had the audience on the edge of their seats, Maltese Muay Thai fighters Claude Cutajar and Jamie-Lee DeBattista left an indelible mark on the professional Muay Thai scene with their stunning debut at Chiang Mai’s prestigious Kalare Stadium on August 3rd.

The event, eagerly anticipated by fight enthusiasts worldwide, witnessed both fighters delivering knockout blows in the third round, leaving spectators in awe of their unparalleled skills. Guided by the expertise of their coach, Christopher Cassar from Muay Thai Malta, Cutajar and DeBattista had been meticulously honing their craft for this defining moment.

Months of grueling training reached a pinnacle during their intensive one-month training camp at the esteemed Manasak Muay Thai gym in Northern Thailand. This invaluable experience allowed them to refine their techniques alongside established Muay Thai champions, underlining their dedication to mastering the art.

In the aftermath of their impressive victories, Coach Christopher Cassar couldn’t hide his admiration for his protégés, declaring, “Claude and Jamie-Lee’s commitment and hard work have been truly outstanding. Their knockout wins on this grand stage mark an incredible achievement for both fighters.”

The ripples of the Maltese fighters’ triumphant debut have spread across borders, capturing the attention of Muay Thai aficionados globally. Their success not only puts Malta on the Muay Thai map but also propels the country’s martial arts scene onto an international platform.

As Cutajar and DeBattista bask in their debut glory, fans eagerly anticipate their future matchups, holding their breath for more exhilarating performances from these promising athletes.

The horizon for Maltese Muay Thai shines brighter than ever as Claude Cutajar and Jamie-Lee DeBattista seize the international stage, redefining excellence in their sport. With each bout, their evolution as athletes promises a myriad of extraordinary moments, solidifying their place as rising stars in the exhilarating world of Muay Thai.


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