Philippine President threatens to jail those who refuse COVID-19 vaccine

Philippine President threatens to jail those who refuse COVID-19 vaccine
Jun 22 2021 Share

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to jail those who have refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Philippine is currently battling one of Asia’s worst outbreaks as it racks up more than 1.3 million cases and 230,000 deaths. On a televised address on Monday, Duterte stated: ‘You choose, vaccine or I will have you jailed.’

This follows after several vaccination sites in the capital, Manila, had low turnouts of people wanting to get jabbed. This statement was contrary to what the health officials remarked, that getting vaccinated was voluntary. As of June 20, Philippine authorities have fully vaccinated 2.1 million people. This barely touches the target to immunise up to 70 million people in a country of 110 million in 2021.


Photo Source: The Guardian, European Parliament

Italian PM wants Euro 2020 final moved to Rome following UK COVID surge

Italian PM wants Euro 2020 final moved to Rome following UK COVID surge
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Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi has stated that the Euro 2020 final should be moved to Rome from London as the UK experiences a massive surge in COVID-19 infections. Draghi stated during a press conference in Berlin that he will try to stop the final being held in a ‘country where infections are rising quickly.’ The UK has recorded 10,633 new COVID-19 cases on 21st June 2021, along with 5 new deaths. In contrast, Italy has recorded 495 new cases in the last 24 hours.

The president of Italy’s football federation Gabriele Gravina however denied they were seeking to move the match from Wembley to Rome. Munich is also up on offer to have the match moved there alternatively. Bavarian state premier Markus Soder said that the city was on standby and would be happy to host another match.


Photo Source: UEFA.com

Pet dog taken to groomer for shaving dies after few hours

Pet dog taken to groomer for shaving dies after few hours
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Dog owner Manuel Buttigieg took his pet to the groomer to have him shaved, only to end up rushing the dog to a vet to no avail. Bolt, a Yorkshire terrier breed, sadly died despite being in good health at 9 years old. It was revealed by the vet that the dog’s windpipe had been damaged, leading to a collapse in his respiratory system.

Buttigieg stated that the death could have easily been avoided if the groomer had the right equipment, not a grooming cable noose. Small Yorkshire terriers have a bigger chance of being injured in such a way, especially when agitated. The Animal Rights Commissioner Alison Bezzina stated that she has prepared a report and passed it on to the relevant authorities so that groomers, pet sitters and trainers will all be lawfully regulated.


Photo Source: tvm.com.mt

Jump into summer with these local bangers for MALTESE MUSIC MONDAY

Jun 21 2021 Share

It has been a crazy few weeks in the local music scene and as per usual, our local artists are bringing their A-game with every single release. From banging pop bops to sombre ballads with strong message, we’ve compiled a list of some of the latest and greatest tunes in local music, take a look and let us know what you think!


Just in time for summer, local pop starlet Brooke made a bombastic return with ‘Over’, a bubbly radio-friendly pop track with a massive music video to complement it.

We are loving Brooke’s new sound and the music video directed by Steven Levi Vella is bringing a boatload of vibes, we just CAN’T WAIT to hear this live.


Kersten Graham – Between The Lines (feat. Toby)

A staple figure of the local rock scene, Kersten Graham has returned with a major change of sound. Between the Lines, together with local producer Toby, infuses Graham’s classic sound with pumping electronic beats and we just can’t get enough.

Hopefully, we’ll be hearing this at a concert or in a club sometime soon, but until then, we’ve got it on repeat.

Stefan Varga – Paradise

With crisp production by local producer Cyprian Cassar and stellar songwriting by Muxu, Stefan Varga is here with a sombre yet upbeat track with the name of ‘Paradise’.

Varga says that this upbeat, empowering tune is there for people who have got hurt in the past and encourages them to rid toxic people in their life and start afresh. The music video will be out soon and, based on the track itself, we expect big things to come.

Matthew James – Round and Round

Local songwriting sensation Matthew James’ latest track is a undisputed earworm and a testament to the artist’s pen game.

The catchy chorus riff and entrancing verses are worthy edition to Matthew James’ catalog of classics, this one has surely deserve a spot on our playlist.


Nick Morales – People of the Sea

Appropriately released on World Refugee Day, Malta’s multi-talented artist Nick Morales is back with a strong message about the world’s refugees with ‘People Of The Sea’.

The heartfelt track uses a hypnotic guitar riff and strong lyrics to highlight the artist’s chilling message and it’s giving us goosebumps with every single listen.

AP – Somewhere New EP

Notorious for delivering some of the grooviest sounds on the island, local disco don AP’s latest EP ‘Somewhere New’ brings the summer we vibes we desperately needed.

What makes the EP even better is that also welcomes local producers Husko and NYRK into the fold with a remix from Stekl and trust us when we tell you, listen with your dancing shoes on.

For these tracks and many many more, make sure you follow our Spotify playlist MALTESE MUSIC MONDAY👇