Petition For Temporary Bull-Breed Breeding/Importation Ban

Petition For Temporary Bull-Breed Breeding/Importation Ban
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In response to recent distressing cases of abuse and neglect involving bully breed dogs, animal welfare organizations including Vuċi għall-Annimali, Gozo SPCA, Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary, and The Island Sanctuary are advocating for urgent action.

These incidents highlight the need to protect these loyal animals from exploitation by irresponsible breeders and abusers.

The petition calls for a temporary ban on breeding and importation of bully breeds and their mixes to prevent further suffering. Many of these dogs are found abandoned, with signs of illegal practices like ear cropping, and are victims of dogfighting or used for breeding without regard for their well-being.

The initiative aims to strengthen regulations against abuse and backyard breeding, improve enforcement of existing laws, and promote responsible pet ownership and adoption. Importantly, the ban does not affect dogs already in care or those awaiting adoption.

Media support is crucial in raising awareness and driving change. Interviews with Althea Galea, spokesperson for the campaign, can be arranged upon request.

Let’s stand together to protect these deserving animals and ensure their safety and well-being. Join us in this urgent call to action for the welfare of our furry friends.

You can find the petition here.


Ian Borġ Meets Pete Buttiġieġ in United States

Ian Borġ Meets Pete Buttiġieġ in United States
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Minister Ian Borg recently inaugurated extensive renovations at the Maltese Embassy in Washington, aiming to enhance accessibility, security, and services for the public, particularly Maltese families and those with Maltese heritage in the United States.

During the event, Minister Borg met with Ambassador Godfrey Xuereb, diplomats, and staff of the Maltese mission, alongside distinguished guests like US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

The Minister emphasized the significance of the US hosting the third-largest Maltese community globally, highlighting their resilience and cultural commitment, which strengthen the enduring ties between the two nations.

This investment in Washington’s service quality reaffirms Malta’s dedication to bolstering relations with the US, spanning areas like trade, investment, security, and cultural exchanges.

Reflecting on over 50 years of Malta-USA relations, Minister Borg emphasized their increasing importance, from Malta’s early days as a Republic to its crucial international mediation role and recent participation in global organizations like the UN Security Council. Shared values of freedom and democracy underpin this historic partnership, fostering peace, stability, and prosperity.

Ambassador Xuereb outlined the renovation’s scope, including structural changes for better space distribution, a new conference room for diplomatic engagements, and updated security and energy-saving technologies. The Maltese Mission, established in 1967, extends its reach with honorary consuls in various US states, reflecting Malta’s enduring commitment to transatlantic relations.


Dogs Who Have Friends Live Longer, Research Shows

Dogs Who Have Friends Live Longer, Research Shows
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A recent study conducted by researchers from the Dog Aging Project examined how a dog’s social environment, particularly companionship from other dogs, influences its health and longevity.

The study involved over 21,000 dogs and looked at various socioeconomic factors affecting their well-being.

The findings, published in the Journal of Animal Health, revealed that dogs living with canine companions experienced better health outcomes compared to those without such companionship.

This effect persisted even after adjusting for factors like age and weight. Conversely, factors like financial instability and household adversity negatively impacted the health and physical mobility of companion dogs.

Lead researcher Brianah McCoy emphasized the importance of social support for dogs, noting that the presence of a friend significantly influenced their health. The study indicated that the impact of social connections on health was five times stronger than that of financial or household challenges.

McCoy highlighted the need for improved care and support for dogs, irrespective of their background, based on these findings.

Moving forward, the research team plans to delve deeper into these relationships by studying a smaller cohort of dogs to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the effects of social factors on animal health and well-being.

This knowledge aims to inform strategies for enhancing the health of our furry companions and potentially sheds light on similar dynamics in human health.


Ink Master Winner Bobby Johnson To Attend Malta Tattoo Show

Ink Master Winner Bobby Johnson To Attend Malta Tattoo Show
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Attention all tattoo lovers!

Ink Master Winner Bobby Johnson, a.k.a  Glendale Bully, will be attending the Malta Tattoo Show.


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Bobby, who is now best known for being crowned Ink Master on the hit US TV Show, is one of the most talented tattoo artists on the planet – and ‘we are so proud to have him join us in May!’

Bobby will be at the show all weekend – so make sure to stop by and say hi to check out just how awesome he is!

And if YOU want to be TATTOOED by Bobby himself, contact him directly @glendalebully

You can purchase your tickets here.

Event details here:

17th-19th May 2024,
Intercontinental Hotel,
Arena ConferenceCentre,
St. Georges Bay, St Julians