Petition for immediate extension to paternity leave

Petition for immediate extension to paternity leave by fathers
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A petition signed by more than 2,000 to Malta’s parliament calls for the immediate extension of paternity and non-birthing parental leave. Mothers are entitled to 18 weeks of paid leave under Maltese law, whereas fathers and other partners are only given one day of paternity/birth leave. Both parents are then entitled to unpaid parental leave for a period of four months until the child reaches age 8. 

The Work Life Balance Directive was green lit back in 2019 by the European Parliament. With all EU member states given until August 2022 to introduce the new rights, it calls for extension of paid paternity or birth leave to 10 days and introduces two months of paid leave for each parent that can be used until the child reaches 8-years-old. 

‘Positive Birth Malta’, which is organised by midwives, women and childbearing community, created the petition and is now calling for the work-life balance measures to be implemented as soon as possible. Reaching up to 2,105 by last Sunday, it is estimated that about 4,000 births take place in a year. 

This means these families will be missing out and suffering from not being able to spend time with their newly-forming family. It would also mean that the birthing parent would not receive the support from their partner/spouse, hence the call to implement the directive before the 2022 August deadline.


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Flights between Malta and Gozo?

Flights between Malta and Gozo?
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As part of their pledge to facilitate accessibility between Malta and Gozo, the Nationalist Party have proposed air services between the two sister islands. The Opposition’s Gozo spokesperson Chris Said, MP Joe Ellis and candidate Alex Borg revealed the party’s pledges for Gozo as they addressed a press conference on Monday. Air connectivity could be a possible solution to eradicate the hurdles for Gozitans to travel back and forth from Malta, with the Opposition expressing dissatisfaction with the far too few initiatives taken by the current government. 

This could mean some form of air travel could be a possible alternative to the Gozo ferry and fast ferry. But that is not all, as the PN proposed an enlargement to the port of Mgarr in order to meet passenger needs, providing two new ships (one for passengers and another for dedicated cargo), ensuring the necessary studies to be carried out on the Malta-Gozo tunnel and even consult Gozitans through referendum about such issues if elected. 


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Five haircare products you need this summer

Five haircare products you need this summer
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Summer is with us and it seems as if it’s one of the hottest yet and that means that we have to step up our game on how we take care of ourselves and maintain our wellbeing and that includes our hair. Setting a haircare routine is not an easy feat especially when one’s lifestyle conditions do not help but thanks to John Frieda‘s line of haircare essentials, we are sorted this summer.

The following haircare products are definite summer essentials and can be found in all supermarkets, beauty stores & pharmacies.

Go Blonder Lemon Miracle Masque

Promising a lighter blonde and stronger hair, John Frieda’s Go Blonder Lemon Miracle Masque does not only strengthen lightened blonde hair but protects it from future damage.

Protect your locks this summer and benefit from 25% off on all John Frieda products until the end of August.


Hydrate & Recharge Masque

Given that our hair is exposed to drying effects everyday (especially in this scorching heat), this deep soak mask will deeply nourish your hair and leave it soft and silky.

Hydrate and recharge your hair with this deep mask infused with nutrient rich drops and give it the refresh it needs this summer.


Frizz Ease Dream Curls Reviver Mousse

Give your hair the bounce it oh so truly desires and revive the elasticity to your curls or waves.

This mousse gives controlled hold and definition to naturally curly hair suitable for all levels of frizz.


Detox & Repair Masque

This avocado hair mask gives new life to hair, providing repair and softness through an enriched formula or rich green tea and nourishing avocado oil.

If you have dry, stressed or damaged hair as a result to so many daily challenges, this one is for you.



Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Featherlight Smoothing Crème

If, like most, you struggle to maintain your hair and control frizz, the Featherlight Smoothing Crème is just for you.

The lightweight formula can be used on wet hair or for touch-ups during the day and is designed to leave your hair looking light and airy.

Send this to someone who needs a new haircare routine ASAP.


Harry Kane doesn’t show up to training to force Manchester City move

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This week, England captain Harry Kane didn’t show up to training even though he informed his club Tottenham Hotspurs that he would. Spurs after a gruelling Euro 2020, where Harry played every game possible , gave him an extended holiday in order to recharge and get ready for a new season. Kane had different ideas though as he would like to leave his boyhood club this summer for Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and for that reason he didn’t show up to training.



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Harry’s main motivation behind his desired move, is trophies. The striker, 28, still hasn’t won an official trophy in his career and he thinks a move to super club City where they boast one of the best coaches and squads in the world, will help him achieve trophies.  Reports in England are also saying that Tottenham will fine their star player for missing training. Many pundits and fans alike are saying that this stunt will risk his legacy with the club that gave him his first big break.

Spurs fans have a long summer of rumours awaiting them, whilst Manchester City fans can be excited knowing there club is trying hard to sign Harry Kane.