Pelin Kaya’s family speaks out after body’s repatriation

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Pelin Kaya’s family speaks out after body’s repatriation

A statement issued by the family of the late Pelin Kaya, who was unfortunately killed in Gżira after Jeremie Camilleri ran her over with his car, reveals that her body was repatriated from Malta yesterday. 

‘Pelin left Malta dead, but our belief that  justice will be done, remains alive’ the statement reads. ‘We will fight in Pelin’s name so who interrupted her wonderful life will get what he deserves and can no longer harm anyone else.’

The statement revealed how her mother and father are awaiting Kaya’s arrival s they were too devastated to travel to Malta. 

The family went on to thank the Maltese authorities for their full cooperation so that the body could be transported back to Turkey, where she will be buried, only a few days after she died. 

The Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade and the Government of Malta were also thanked for their commitment to cover all funeral expenses such as transportation. 

The vigil held two nights ago was described as a ‘significant moment’ for the family as they expressed gratitude for the solidarity showed. 

The vigil saw family members lighting up Kaya’s birthday cake, given that she was killed on her 30th birthday. The accused, Jeremie Camilleri, who was found to be drugged with cocaine and continued to assault Kaya, other pedestrians and police after the incident, has so far plead not guilty to the murder. 


Photo Source: Sadia Sudha

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fourth edition of ŻiguŻajg Season 2022-2023 launched

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Fourth edition of ŻiguŻajg Season – Arts for Children and Young People 2022-2023 launched 

Following the positive outcome of the ŻiguŻajg Festival 2022, Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici launched the fourth edition of ŻiguŻajg Season 2022-2023 in order to showcase work for children and young audiences all year round. Children and their families will enjoy numerous activities devised by international and local creatives through different art forms such as music, film, theatre, digital animation, dance, and storytelling.

Minister Bonnici explained that with 12 projects, 7 art forms, and over 40 artists, this year’s ŻiguŻajg season will showcase some of the best productions on offer and, in so doing, promote inclusion within the arts community and beyond.

“Just like in past years, ŻiguŻajg continues to work towards celebrating diversity and addressing relevant and timely issues through creativity. In this context, this year sees the return of the school shows, as well as tailored sensory-friendly performances meant to make the whole experience more inclusive and accessible to the public”, concluded Dr Bonnici.

Rupert Cefai, Chairperson of Fondazzjoni Kreattività, spoke about the importance of having a program like this produced for children, as well as the importance of ŻiguŻajg in the life of a young person. He said that “such a programme allows us to focus on the development of children and how this is essential in giving them the tools to perceive life in a creative and somewhat more artistic way. We also see our children as our future audience and future artists with their exposure to the creative sector and opportunities for career development”.

Spazju Kreattiv’s Artistic Director, Daniel Azzopardi, explained that by producing quality-driven work for children and young audiences, the ŻiguŻajg brand seeks to raise awareness about the importance of arts and culture for social well-being through the annual Festival and Season program. Case in point, having families participate in such ventures allows them to appreciate the benefits of the arts for their children’s creative outlook and critical thinking. He concluded by saying that they are looking forward to welcoming schools and families to Spazju Kreattiv for another excitingly diverse ŻiguŻajg season.

For more information, visit www.ziguzajg.org


Maltese girl goes viral with message to all bosses and managers around Malta

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MandzNina has gone viral on Tiktok with some interesting tips to all bosses and managers in Malta.

The Maltese girl gave some solid advice with 3 tips directly addressed to the leaders around us.

  1. “Don’t make worker’s life difficult for no reason – not if he does something bad that maybe annoys you and you want to talk to him, but not for nothing.”
  2. “If an employee asks to open up about things he is going through, listen to him/her so that maybe small adjustments can be made for this person to start being a little happier at work.”
  3. “If you are a real boss, be able to sit down with your workers and discuss those things that need to be improved or that are making the workers feel uncomfortable.”

MandzNina goes on to say that if the leaders around us take her advice, and are able to change those things, then they are the “real bosses” that every employee deserves.

Video Source: Mandzninaz Tiktok


Malta’s precision driving team does it again

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Malta’s precision driving team ‘Team Maximum Lock’ have just completed with great success one of the most prestigious events in Europe (Autosport International). With a total audience of over 90k they stunned the crowed with their precision and stunt driving show for twelve consecutive shows in a span of four days.

Team Maximum Lock is made up from four Maltese drivers – Mark Galea, Christian Bezzina, Clint Abela u Bruce Fenech, they are considered as Europe’s best precision driving team and Nicknamed as the (Red Arrows of drifting).

Team Maximum Lock will be performing for a record of more than 10 international events for the year 2023.


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