Peaky Blinders director confirms series finale will be a mini film

Peaky Blinders director confirms series finale will be a mini film
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Anthony Byrne, the director for beloved series Peaky Blinders, confirmed that the upcoming finale will have a feature-length run time to ensure the show goes out with a bang.

The director shared this news as the sixth and final season goes through its weekly release. The final season began airing last month, with episodes airing on BBC One every Sunday.

After 10 years, the series is set to end with the finale on the 3rd of April, and the cast and crew are set to make it a memorable one and very different to all that came before. 

Speaking to the Radio Times, Byrne said that ‘it feels very different to the rest of the season. It feels very, very different to anything we’ve done before. It’s very epic in scope. It feels like a film.’

The director confirmed that the episode will have a run-time of a whopping 81 minutes, meaning fans will have an extra 21 minutes of content to absorb before Peaky Blinders is no more – at least, for the small screen.

Byrne had already previously mentioned that a film is officially in the works, with creator Steven Knight confirming that the project will go into production in 2023. However, some fans are expressing disappointment with the final season.

Byrne defends the direction of the series saying that the latest episodes are a character piece about the darkness of Tommy Shelby’s soul and how far down he has gone. The next episode will air on the 27th of March. 


Street parties opposite Labour HQ after announcement of ‘absolute majority’ victory

Street parties opposite Labour HQ after announcement of 'absolute majority' victory
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Labour Party supporters have initiated street parties opposite Labour headquarters in Ħamrun after the announcement of a  ‘absolute majority’ victory.

Red stalls, trailers, banners and party memorabilia can be seen opposite the headquarters, with large groups rushing to Ħamrun to join fellow party supports in celebration of the Labour win.

Earlier today, Labour leader Robert Abela told national broadcaster TVM that it would not be prudent to comment on numbers at the moment and that works ‘start from tomorrow’. Meanwhile, deputy leader Chris Fearne stated that while an electoral win is to be celebrated, the party will begin to pursue those who did not vote Labour or vote at all to see where any wrongdoing may have been done and how it can be approved.


Greek flag brought out at counting hall following news of Labour Party ‘absolute majority’

Greek flag brought out at counting hall following news of Labour Party 'absolute majority'
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Following news of a Labour Party ‘absolute majority’ announced by Robert Abela, supporters of the party at the Naxxar counting hall brought out a Greek flag to taunt Nationalist Party leader Robert Abela.

The flag became synonymous among Labour party supporters after a comment stated by Grech towards the beginning of his tenure as PN and Opposition leader.

Currently, Labour Party supporters are setting up stalls, bars and trailers across Malta to celebrate their party’s landslide victory.


WATCH: Bernard Grech calls Robert Abela to congratulate him on Labour electoral victory

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In a comment to Television Malta, Nationalist Party Secretary General Michael Piccinino addressed the recently-announced ‘absolute majority’ win for the Labour Party.

Piccinino began by thanking voters for believing in the Nationalist Party before going on to state that Bernard Grech has actually called Robert Abela to congratulate him on what is another landslide victory for Labour.

Watch the clip below:


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Earlier today, Robert Abela told the national broadcaster that all signs point towards an ‘absolute majority’ for the Labour Party.