Pay For Ad-Free Facebook? Here’s What’s Going On

Pay For Ad-Free Facebook? Here's What's Going On
Nov 10 2023 Share

Facebook and Instagram users are now faced with a choice: pay €10 or €12 monthly for an ad-free experience or continue accessing the platforms for free with ads. 

Meta, the parent company, is extending this choice to Instagram users as well, aligning with tougher EU rules targeting tech giants. 

In response to significant fines and in adherence to European regulations, Meta, while advocating for an ad-supported internet, emphasizes its commitment to complying with regulatory requirements. The subscription model, offering users an ad-free experience for a fee, is seen as a strategic move to navigate evolving regulations.

Starting at €9.99 per month on web browsers and €12.99 on iOS and Android, these prices will increase by €6 and €8, respectively, from March. 

Meta attributes the higher costs for iOS and Android users to fees from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This adjustment coincides with the introduction of the EU’s Digital Markets Act, introducing stricter rules on advertising to curb the influence of big tech. 

Despite potential challenges for giants like Meta, MEP Alex Agius Saliba sees the subscription model as Meta’s anticipation of forthcoming rules, noting the positive aspect of giving users a choice between subscription and ad-supported models. 

Regardless of user choice, the new rules on targeted advertising will apply. Meta’s proactive announcement aims to alleviate concerns raised by European regulators, considering the company’s prior substantial fines for breaches of advertising and data protection rules in 2022.


Netflix Unveils Teaser & Release Date Of Avatar: The Last Airbender

Netflix Unveils Teaser & Release Date Of Avatar: The Last Airbender
Nov 10 2023 Share

Secure your cabbages because Team Avatar are coming to your Netflix screens early next year!

With many still reeling from the last live-action adaptation by M. Night Shyamalan, Netflix is propping up its take on the beloved Nickelodeon series as one of its biggest projects yet. 

With looks at characters such as Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko and even Azula, we also got our first look at CGI Appa and Momo. The teaser even features what seems to be the extermination of the Air Nomads during Sozin’s Comet, a scene we never got to see during the animated series. 

With a diverse cast (M. Night’s casting was heavily critiqued for white-washing the characters), the series did meet a few bumps on the road, with the original creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino parting ways from the production during early development. 

As popular series like Stranger Things come to an end, will you be tuning in to watch? 


The Official Malta National Transport Awards

The Official Malta National Transport Awards
Nov 9 2023 Share

The Malta National Transport Awards 2023, organised by the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure, and Capital Projects, along with Transport Malta, is set to commend outstanding contributions to the transport sector. 

Jonathan Borg, CEO of Transport Malta, has played a crucial role in spearheading this initiative, emphasizing the pivotal role of transport in societal progress. 

The Malta National Transport Awards 2023 aims to commend outstanding contributions to the transport sector by recognizing individuals and organizations for their exceptional achievements. 

It will showcase innovative projects that have offered groundbreaking solutions, foster collaboration among professionals and stakeholders to facilitate idea-sharing, and advocate for eco-friendly and efficient transport solutions in response to environmental challenges.

The award categories cover:

1. Innovation: Recognizing projects that have broken new ground, employed innovative technologies, or approached transport challenges in a unique way. “Innovation drives efficiency, and in the transport sector, efficiency is key,” Mr. Borg stressed.

2. Sustainability: Projects that have reduced the environmental impact of transport, such as the use of alternative fuels or freight practices that have lowered emissions, are acknowledged in this category. “Sustainability is not just a choice; it’s a responsibility,” said Mr. Borg.

3. Modal Shift: Modal shift involves changing the way people travel, such as shifting towards cycling or alternative modes of transportation. “Encouraging modal shift is essential for a sustainable future,” Mr. Borg commented.

4. Infrastructure: Recognizing designs that demonstrate innovation, flexibility, and sustainability, which adds value to the transport sector. “Innovation in infrastructure leads to long-term benefits,” Mr. Borg emphasized,

5. Safety: This category encompasses all aspects of road safety, traffic management, and enforcement, with a focus on results such as casualty reductions and improved journey reliability. “Safety is paramount, and we must continuously strive to make our transport systems safer,” Mr. Borg reiterated.

Projects submitted must have been implemented after January 2023, demonstrating data-driven results and positive impacts on the transport industry. The adjudicating board will comprise Mr Godwin Mifsud (Chairperson to the Board and MTIP Perm. Sec), Dr Joe Borg and Perit Carmen Vella (Former MPs and EU commissioners), Dr Therese Bajada (Academic) and Mr Glenn Bugeja (HSBC Manager). 

The awards not only celebrate past achievements but also serve as a catalyst for future progress, inspiring continued innovation and positive transformations in Malta’s transportation sector. They signify a collective commitment to creating a more sustainable and safer transport landscape for the nation.


A Peak Of Newborn Hoglets: Caution Urged By Rescue Team

A Peak Of Newborn Hoglets: Caution Urged By Rescue Team
Nov 9 2023 Share

Wildlife Rescue Team Malta announced that the team is noting a peak of newborn hoglets. 

‘These range from newborns to hoglets weighing less than 200g. Some are still with their eyes closed. We do our best to try and find the mother. However, in these cases, either the mum was not found or was found deceased.’

‘Bottlefeeding hoglets is very time-consuming and takes a lot of patience, especially due to their tiny size, but also because they tend to curl into a ball whilst you’re trying to feed them. They also need stimulation to toilet.’

The team emphasised that if one were to find a hog let, one should not touch the animal and instead immediately call for advice. 

The team uses a special formula due to hoglets being severely lactose intolerant, with normal milk possibly killing them. 

‘Please think of us and our volunteers who need to wake up even during the night to give feeds every 2-3 hours. Any support is greatly appreciated’, the team asked. 

‘If you spot any of the wild animals that we rescue injured or in danger, please call the Wildlife Rescue Team on 99999505.’