Parliament will start voting today

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Today, Maltese Members of Parliament will start voting on an amendment to the Criminal Code to clarify the legal position of the attending physician and the mother in circumstances where the pregnancy leads to the mother suffering from a medical complication that could put her life at risk or health in grave danger.

The Nationalist Party is saying that this bill will mean the introduction of abortion in Malta. The Labour Party has continued to deny this argument that this Bill will clarify situations that occur when medical professionals agree that the pregnancy should be terminated due to a medical complication that could put the mother’s life at risk or in grave danger.

In a session that starts today at 1pm, the Parliament will start voting on this Bill. Sources are indicating that all PL MPs will be voting in favour whilst PN MPs will be voting against.

The discussion on this Bill is at Second Reading stage and the Parliament will be voting on the Bill as presented by the Government. After this stage, this Bill will be discussed in a Parliament Committee, before a final vote, early in 2023.


“Arabian warriors wore it”: Messi’s World Cup trophy ceremony cloak explained

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"Arabian warriors wore it": Messi's World Cup trophy ceremony cloak explained

Yesterday, Lionel Messi quite literally completed football by taking his Argentinian national team to the World Cup final and winning that which he craved most.

A wholesome moment for Argentina & Messi fans alike, the ceremony culminated with the Paris Saint-Germain forward lifting the World Cup alongside his teammates as he wore an Arab cloak of great significance.

Arab creator and Twitter user Tallie Dar explained that the cloak is actually called a ‘Beshth‘ in Arabic (البيشت), and is typically worn by Arabian warriors and members of the royal family.

Messi is being honoured as royalty in his Argentinian shirt, as the King of Football. It’s poetic,” the user wrote.

Despite this, many made claims that the cloak ‘spoiled’ the celebration because it hid the majority of his shirt during an otherwise legendary and cathartic moment.


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Lionel Messi and Argentina beat France to lift World Cup

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Argentina and Lionel Messi have done the impossible and have won Argentina’s first World Cup since 1986. They have beaten holders France in an entertaining and dramatic match.
In the 22nd minute Argentina opened the scoring when legendary forward Lionel Messi managed to keep his head cool and convert a penalty which was won by Angel Di Maria, to send every Argentina fan around the world into massive celebrations.
Those celebrations started over again in the 35th minute as a beautiful team play led to a goal scored by Angel Di Maria to put one Argentinian hand on the iconic World Cup trophy.
France’s superstar Kylian Mbappe scored one back in the 80th minute also from the spot similar, to his PSG teammate Lionel Messi.
To everyone’s surprise Mbappe managed to find France’s equalizer only two minutes after his penalty goal with a stunning half volley to send the match to extra time.
It was written in the stars for Lionel Messi as he scored another goal to give Argentina the lead in the 109th minute of extra time to restore hope to every Argentina fan.
However it was Kylian Mbappe’s turn to score again as the striker managed to convert yet another penalty and score the first World Cup final hattrick since Geoff Hurst in 1966 and this time send the match to a penalty shootout where Argentina managed to contain their emotions and come out victorious.
This World Cup win has cemented Lionel Messi’s legacy as one of the greatest to ever do it and has surely catapulted him to the same levels of admiration and stardom of the legend Diego Maradona who is regarded as a hero in Argentina for winning them the World Cup.
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Lionel Messi breaks record for most number of playing minutes and matches in World Cup history

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Argentinian superstar and legend Lionel Messi has managed to find even more records to break and this time break them on the biggest stage possible, the World Cup final.

In the semi final clash against Croatia, Messi made his 25th World Cup appearance equalling the record with former  West Germany captain Lothar Matthaus.

This means that Lionel Messi has become the player with the most World Cup appearances in history given that his World Cup final appearance against France is his 26th match in the tournament.

The Argentinian winger has also broken Italian legend Paolo Maldini’s record of 2,217 minutes played in the World Cup. He only needed to play 23 minutes against France something that was a given since he’s Argentina’s star player and captain.


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