Paris To Introduce E-Scooter Ban This Friday

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Paris To Introduce E-Scooter Ban This Friday

Paris is set to implement a unique ban on rented e-scooters this week, a move distinct in Europe.

Lime, Dott, and Tier, the three licensed e-scooter operators in Paris, will comply with the ban by removing their fleets by September 1, replacing them with expanding e-bike offerings ahead of the 2024 Olympics. The three companies together possess approximately 15,000 e-scooters in the city.

In April, a referendum offered Parisians two choices: to support or oppose rental scooters. Although only 7% of eligible voters participated, the outcome was resounding, with 90% voting against e-scooters. 

The operators highlighted the limited voter turnout and stressed that the ban would isolate Paris from other eco-conscious cities that embrace these modes of transportation. Notably, private e-scooter rules remain unaffected.

The debate over e-scooters’ role in urban mobility continues globally. While some cities, like Madrid and Copenhagen, have embraced e-scooter rentals with conditions, others have implemented limitations such as speed caps and designated parking zones. 

Outright bans, once adopted, are relatively rare among previously welcoming cities. For instance, shared e-scooters persist in other French cities such as Marseille and Lyon. Similarly, most e-scooters are not permitted on Dutch roads, and ride-sharing companies have not entered that market.


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Music Festival to Support Andrea Calleja’s Medical Journey

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In a heartwarming display of community support and musical camaraderie, a much-anticipated Music Festival is set to take center stage this Saturday, September 2. The event will unfold within the energetic embrace of the San Ġwann football ground, and its sole purpose is to raise crucial funds in aid of Andrea Calleja’s life-altering medical procedure in Thailand. This procedure offers hope for Andrea to regain his independence after a life-changing incident.

Andrea Calleja, a resilient 31-year-old, faced an unexpected and tragic twist of fate during an adventurous activity known as The Grid last October. The event, held in the picturesque surroundings of Għajn Tuffeħa, took a turn for the worse, leading to a devastating spinal injury for Andrea. This accident left him partially paralyzed, altering the course of his life in an instant.

The heartening initiative, spearheaded by the community-driven Tiki Taka Bar & Diner, in collaboration with the San Ġwann FC Football Nursery and Mayor of San Ġwann, Trevor Fenech, stands as a testament to the strength of collective empathy. The festival itself serves as a powerful reminder that compassion and unity can transcend even the most challenging of circumstances.

The lineup for this musical extravaganza reads like a local talent showcase, brimming with the artistic richness of the region. The festival promises an unforgettable evening with captivating performances by prominent acts including Kapitlu Tlettax, Liston Bongailas, Street Elements, and the much-acclaimed Different Minds band.

Admission to the festival is free, but attendees are encouraged to contribute to the Andrea Calleja Fundraising efforts. These donations will directly contribute to funding Andrea’s much-needed medical procedure and the ensuing steps on his journey toward reclaiming his independence.

Door will open from 7:30 p.m., inviting music enthusiasts, friends, family, and compassionate souls from across the region to come together for an evening that transcends mere entertainment.


It’s Finally Here! Bay Easy 100.2 is Malta’s Newest Radio Station

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It's Finally Here! Bay Easy 100.2 is Malta's Newest Radio Station

Today, Malta welcomed its newest radio station as 89.7 Bay’s sister station, Bay Easy 100.2 officially launched on the island’s air waves.

After weeks of anticipation, Bay Easy went live across Malta & Gozo on FM, DAB+ Digital Radio, Online and on Smart Speakers across the country simultaneously with a new host of presenters ready to guide you through your day.

The station took to social media early today to announce its host of easy going presenters Pierre Cordina, Natalie Haughton, Ben Glover, Albert Galdes, Tim Allen, Angie Greaves, Paul Carlin and Paul Hayes.

With a roster of familiar faces and new presenters and a pledge to play a mix of the most popular hits of all time, Bay 100.2 ushers in a new era of Bay Radio so if you were already a fan… it’s time to tune in.

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Gozo Highspeed Cancel Trips Due To Sea Conditions

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Gozo Highspeed Cancel Trips Due To Sea Conditions

Gozo Fast Ferry released an important announcement pertaining to trip cancellations for their Gozo Highspeed service. 

The schedule was disrupted due to unfavourable sea conditions, with the last departure from Valletta taking place at 16:45 and the last departure taking place at 17:45. 

‘Tomorrow, we will resume normal operations’, the service explained. ‘Thank you for your understanding.’


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