Parents Can Still Send Kids To School Despite Strike, Minister Says

Parents Can Still Send Kids To School Despite Strike, Minister Says
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Speaking to MaltaDaily, Education and Sport Minister Clifton Grima stated that a contingency plan has been put in place as teachers, under directives of the unions are set to strike next Monday. 

The Minister said that parents can still send their children to school, but no lessons will be given if the teacher in question is participating in the strike.

Grima said that a safe space will still be offered for students and that there is mutual communication between the Education Ministry and the Union in regards to the strike. 


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Asked what would happen if the strike went beyond Monday if agreements were not reached, the Minister said that the directives are clear and the strike is only set to occur on Monday. 

Parents are also set to receive a message in regards to the strikes, with students who do not attend being listed as ‘excused’. Around 50K students are set to be impacted by these strikes. 

During a conference, the Minister also highlighted how the teachers who will strike will only be paid if they go for work. This comes as, the Minister said, a new package for teachers is being proposed to the union. 


Men Spend Average 7 Hours A Year In Bathroom For Tranquility

Men Spend Average 7 Hours A Year In Bathroom For Tranquility
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A recent study revealed that a third of British men seek refuge in their bathrooms, spending a total of seven hours a year for brief moments of respite. 

The survey, commissioned by bathroom experts Pebble Grey and involving 1,000 men, unveiled various motivations for this behaviour, ranging from a quest for tranquility to avoiding domestic responsibilities.

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Aside from the pursuit of quiet, men escape to the bathroom to evade nagging from their partners, dodge childcare duties, and enjoy uninterrupted moments to look at their mobile phones. 

The study highlighted that one in 10 bathroom visits gets interrupted on average, totalling 171 interruptions in a typical year.

According to a spokesperson for Pebble Grey, the bathroom serves as a sanctuary for individuals to momentarily disconnect from the outside world. The findings emphasised the sacred nature of peace and quiet, with men frequently seeking these moments in the bathroom.

The research indicated that partners are the primary disruptors, closely followed by children. Of those surveyed, 45% expressed the struggle to secure personal time, and 25% admitted that bathroom breaks are essential for coping with life’s demands. 

Additionally, one-third of respondents considered the bathroom their exclusive haven for solitude, while 23% described it as their safe place.

Interestingly, 44% of men confessed that their partners usually handle bathroom cleaning duties, despite it being their place of calm.


Something for Everyone with Mannarinu Caterers’ Christmas Menus!

Something for Everyone with Mannarinu Caterers' Christmas Menus!
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This Christmas season, Mannarinu Caterers are back with the launch of nine brand-new home party menus, guaranteed to add some flavour and elegance to your seasonal celebrations. Tailored to perfection, these menus are not only ideal for corporate gatherings but also family affairs and so much more, ensuring each moment is savoured with the finest culinary creations.

A Feast for All: Accommodating Dietary Preferences


Mannarinu Caterers recognise the importance of catering to diverse tastes and dietary needs. With meticulous attention to detail, the menus proudly feature options catering to gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegetarian preferences. Your guests can indulge in a feast that not only satisfies their taste buds but also aligns with their dietary requirements.

Packaging Redefined: Elevating the Dining Experience

This year, Mannarinu Caterers take the presentation of your party to new heights with upgraded, stress-free packaging. Each dish is expertly arranged and elegantly packed, ensuring that the visual appeal of your event matches the extraordinary flavours within. The enhanced packaging adds a touch of sophistication to your dining experience, making every moment memorable.

Little Celebrations, Big Delights: Children’s Party Menus

Mannarinu Caterers extend their culinary expertise to the youngest members of your guest list. Introducing a variety of children’s party menus, crafted with care and creativity to bring joy to every young palate. From delectable mini-bites to delightful desserts, these menus ensure that even the little ones enjoy a culinary adventure tailored just for them.

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Swan With Bloody Head And Belly Injury Appears In Gozo

Swan With Bloody Head And Belly Injury Appears In Gozo
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Taking to social media, Birdlife Malta reported that a mute swan with a bloodied head was seen at Mġarr ix-Xini Gozo. 

Birdlife Malta, along with ERA officers and police officers, immediately convened on site yesterday to monitor the situation. The swan moved out of the bay but then reappeared this morning at Mġarr harbour, near the Gozo Channel Ferries. 

‘This morning the Mute Swan re-appeared at Mġarr Harbour, near the Gozo Channel ferries. This is clearly not an area where such birds are usually seen, and it is evident that the Mute Swan ended here because it is in difficulty. In fact it has its head covered in blood, and also an evident injury on its belly’.

‘BirdLife Malta teams are still monitoring the situation together with officers from the respective entities and if the need arises for the bird to be recovered, BirdLife Malta will be assisting accordingly. We call on members of the general public to keep an eye out for such cases especially in times of inclement weather similar to the conditions we had over the past hours.’ 

‘BirdLife Malta should be contacted immediately if birds that are observed close to our shores are in evident need of assistance due to injuries they may have sustained, or because they would have been targeted by illegal hunting at sea or from the coast.’