Pamela Ware: From medal contender to scoring 0.0 points at the Olympics

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Before the Olympics Canadian diver Pamela Ware was touted to make the next step and win her first individual medal but that wasn’t quite the case. Pamela previously won Olympic medals in synchronized swimming and came in 4th place in the 2016 Rio Olympics.


Pamela unfortunately misjudged her approach which caused her to jump feet first, a big no when it comes to diving. The 28 year old told CBC “I think that if I would have done the dive, I could have possibly hurt myself,”. Later on she also posted a video to her Instagram thanking her fans for all the love shown to her. She also said “I have done everything possible to make it to where I am. I hope you guys are going to get used to having me around because I’m not going anywhere, I’m not giving up.” The diver clearly exhibited the right mentality to have after your plan doesn’t work out.


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Pamela should be proud of her achievements as even qualifying for the Olympics is commendable feat in and of itself. This experience will only make her stronger and better for the next Olympics. We wish her the best of luck.


Woman who left negative apartment review ordered to pay €200

Woman who left negative apartment review ordered to pay €200
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A young woman was ordered to pay €200 after giving a negative review on a leased apartment she shared with her friends. The fee was ordered due to her review leaving ‘moral damages’ to the apartment’s company, with the judge concluding that the company’s business was negatively impacted because of the review. Evidence during the case showed how the company had kept €87 from a deposit of €120 after it held the woman responsible for the damage found in the apartment by the company. 

The woman, Madeleine Bonnici, denied the above claim and warned the company she will give a negative review. Leaving a 2.5 score from 10 for each of the five categories the apartment could be judged upon on booking.com, she added that the apartment had the ‘worst host ever with bad manners.’ 

The case was filed by the company, stating that through this negative review the apartment was not listed anymore in the front page of this site. The company’s request was denied by the Magistrate Court after concluding that the score given by the woman was not libellous. 

The court pointed out how despite the apartment not being on the front page, the apartment was still leased regularly on other electronic portals, being almost always occupied back in 2019. Mr Justice Lawrence Mintoff stated that evidence showed how the woman threatened the company with revenge due to not being refunded the money. He also added how he is not convinced the apartment deserved the worst rating when the only complaint was a geyser leakage. 


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Kristina Timanovskaya: The sprinter refusing to go back to her country because of fear

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Kristina Timanovskaya is a Belarusian runner who was being forced to leave Tokyo by her country. The story began when Kristina angrily posted a rant on her Instagram to the Belarus Olympic Committee for choosing her to take part in 400m relay without her consent. This post was later deleted and replaced with a post stating that had they told her she would happily have taken part. The damage unfortunately was done. For context Belarus are governed by an authoritarian government and leader, Alexander Lukashenko. The post didn’t sit well with the higher-ups of the Olympic committee and as a result they forced her to come back to Belarus.

The BOC (Belarus Olympic Committee) have said that the reason for the call back “home” was that Kristina was suffering emotional and psychological pain. With the help of the Belarusian Sport Solidarity Foundation, Kristina has been posting videos of herself telling her fans and Olympics audiences that she is feeling good and has asked for the IOC to interfere.


Hearing all this news, many countries have reached to Kristina offering her asylum. Poland have gone one step further granting her a humanitarian visa in order for her to continue running. Her husband had to escape Belarus out of fear and is now in Kiev, but is supposed to be reunited with his wife in Poland. She is now safe, staying at the Polish embassy in Japan waiting for her next steps.


WATCH: Orangutan rocks sunglasses dropped in its enclosure

Orangutan rocks sunglasses dropped in its enclosure
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After a woman visiting a zoo drops her sunglasses into an enclosure, the last thing she’d expect was that an orangutan would try them on for size. The ape lumbers forward, child hanging onto its side, and after analysing the object promptly places them onto its face. Its offspring even tries to reach for the sunglasses, with the parent ape swatting its hands away to keep its style.


So I’m down a pair of sunglasses but up a very good story #monke

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The orangutan can be seen trying them in various ways – upside down and backwards, all the while the baby looks on. Finally, the sunglasses didn’t seem to match the orangutan’s likings as it yeets the pair of sunglasses away to enjoy some green grub. Who knew losing sunglasses could be such an interesting incident? Orang-utans are known to have several human-like characteristics and behaviours. They are reportedly able to laugh, recognise different faces, have a hairline and age in the same way humans do. 


Photo Source: @minocrimes TikTok