Over €1 million investment to help vulnerable children in state schools

 - Budget 2022 - Oct 11

In his first budget as Minister of Finance and Employment, minister Clyde Caruana addressed the 2022 budget with the surrounding theme of building and maintaining a country for future generations. Caruana began his address by shutting down last year’s claim of Malta’s economic downturn, highlighting Malta’s economic success in the past months.

After addressing a number of measures having to do with pensioners, amongst them a considerable increase in their pension, the minister went on to discuss a number of articles having to do with vulnerable individuals. Article 2.24 revealed that the government will be granting around €10,000 per year to each head of state schools from kindergarten to secondary, amounting to €1 million, to aid in social mobility and contribute to the needs of vulnerable children.

The grant may be invested in basic needs such as food and accessibility if needed. The minister stated that this investment highlights the government’s interest in social mobility and that is why the aid required is being given immediately.


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