Over 99% of vaccinated patients did not get COVID-19

 - COVID-19 - Apr 4

More than 99% of people who got the COVID-19 jab did not test positive for COVID-19, meaning that immunity against the virus was developed. 0.9% of a vaccinated 186,000 total did contract COVID-19, as Health Authorities informed Times of Malta. Ever since vaccine rollout started in December, details on the vaccine’s impact were quite scarce as health authorities stated that it was too early to provide information while the numbers were still so minimal.

Immunity developed by the vaccines usually takes 14 days to become active, and 0.9% of all those who received the the Pfizer or Moderna jab got infected after more than 14 days following first dose. The rate was even lower when counting the second dose. None of those given both Moderna doses contracted the virus. So far, Malta has administered 212,466 vaccines, of which 58,004 were second doses.


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