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Over 2,300 fines given to people breaking COVID-19 rules since January

 - COVID-19 - Mar 4 2021 SHARE ON:

Since the beginning of 2021, the Malta Police force along with LESA have distributed 2,300 fines related to the breaking of COVID-19 rules in Malta.

This was reported by Minister for Home Affairs Byron Camilleri during his statement regarding the enforcement of COVID-19 measures and stated that while the enforcement is happening, it requires collaboration with the community.

When asked regarding the electric chair in prison, the Minister stated that the chair was used only once to avoid a prisoner’s actions in harming himself or others.


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Chris Fearne will reveal which PN MPs asked to skip the queue after dispute with Claudette Buttigieg

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Following the recent conflict with regards to MPs and queue-skipping, Deputy Minister Chris Fearne has revealed that he will be personally telling Bernard Grech which Nationalist Party MPs asked him to skip vaccination queues, but will refrain from publicly addressing the issue in Parliament.

A few remarks on Wednesday turned into a heated argument as Fearne revealed that it was in fact PN MPs who had asked him to skip the queue, with PN’s Claudette Buttigieg highlighting the bizarre experience which had happened to her and her daughter.

Buttigieg explained that a health official falsely stated that they were to ‘receive treatment abroad’ in order to skip the queue, to which she refused and went on to advise them not to use her daughter to coerce her into skipping the queue.


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Texas has completely removed its COVID-19 restrictions

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The state of Texas has just lifted all COVID-19 restrictions, as Texan governor Greg Abbott stated that Texas is ‘open 100%’ while also reportIng the ending of the statewide mask mandate.

Texas has experienced a consistent increase in COVID-19 cases over the past week, as did Mississippi, whose governor also announced that the state will also be opening at full capacity and lifting all restrictions.

Texas has registered the third-highest death rate in the United States, after California and New York with 44,000 deaths.


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Malta daily Facebook 970x90

Elon Musk wishes to build a city around Texas launch site

 - Celebrities - Mar 3 2021 SHARE ON:

Naming it Starbase, Elon Musk has approached officials in Texas to discuss plans of building up around his new SpaceX rocket launch site with a city. The private launch site and rocket production facility is situated in Boca Chica Village, which he now wants to connect into his space oriented ventures.

Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño stated that this could be a possibility as long as SpaceX abides by all state incorporation statues. Musk took to Twitter to clarify that he wants to incorporate a larger area than just Boca Chica. ‘From thence to Mars, And hence the Stars’ he said.


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