Over 12,000 People Attend World Club Dome Malta

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World Club Dome Island Edition Draws Over 10,000 People to Malta

Over 12,000 music lovers converged on the enchanting island of Malta for the epic World Club Dome Island Edition. Against the backdrop of Malta’s stunning landscapes, the festival showcased a lineup of A-list DJs, including Boris Brejcha, Claptone, and KSHMR, who set the stage ablaze with their electrifying beats and captivating performances.

Gianpula Village came alive as KSHMR and Boris Brejcha headlined on Friday and Saturday, creating an electric atmosphere that pulsed with energy.

Alongside the headliners, World Club Dome Malta also welcomed Pajane, Gabry Ponte, Le Shuuk, STVW and ASK:ME. The festival not only brought international sensations to the forefront but also highlighted Malta’s homegrown talent, featuring a host of exceptional local DJs, proving the island’s musical prowess.

Culminating in a mesmerising closing at Café Del Mar with Claptone, the World Club Dome Island Edition was more than a festival; it was a musical journey that united people from around the world under the spell of music’s universal language.

The memories of dancing, connecting, and celebrating will undoubtedly linger, making this edition a momentous chapter in the world of music festivals.

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Canada To Print Smoking Warnings On Individual Cigarettes

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Canada To Print Smoking Warnings On Individual Cigarettes

Canada is implementing groundbreaking tobacco regulations, marking the first time individual cigarettes will carry health warnings like “poison in every puff” and “cigarettes cause impotence.” 

The government aims to make it difficult for people to ignore health warnings completely. 

These measures are part of a comprehensive effort to combat smoking-related deaths, which claim 48,000 Canadian lives annually.

The new rules, known as Tobacco Products Appearance, Packaging and Labelling Regulations (TPAPLR), will introduce rotating warning messages every two to three years. 

Canada’s smoking rate has steadily declined over the years due to increased public awareness and stricter regulations on tobacco sales, use, taxation, and advertising. 

In 2001, Canada was the first country to require pictorial warnings on cigarette packages, and later that decade, bans on indoor smoking were implemented.

The Canadian Lung Association and tobacco control advocates welcomed the new regulations, acknowledging the effectiveness of periodically refreshing warnings with new images and text. 

However, some advocates suggest further measures like increased vaping regulations, higher tobacco taxes, and cost recovery fees for tobacco companies to protect the health of occasional smokers, new smokers, and youth.

By aligning with the World Health Organisation’s framework convention on tobacco control, Canada strives to set a global example in tobacco regulation and public health initiatives.


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Cara Borg Aquilina Appointed as Malta’s UN Youth Delegate

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In a significant step towards fostering youth participation in international dialogue and cooperation, Cara Borg Aquilina has been appointed as Malta’s United Nations Youth Delegate, succeeding Matthew Micallef St John and joining Emma De Gabriele in representing the voices of Maltese youth at the United Nations. Borg Aquilina was chosen out of 20 other Maltese youths who applied for the role.

Malta’s new UN Youth Delegate, expressed her honour and excitement to take on this crucial role. Cara’s foremost priorities include promoting gender equality and safeguarding the global climate. She underscored the significance of a secure environment as a prerequisite for all other endeavours, highlighting the fundamental interconnection between a safe world and various other developmental pursuits.

The role of UN Youth Delegate holds immense value, allowing young individuals to contribute to global discussions and engage with international affairs, underlining Malta’s commitment to empowering its youth in matters of diplomacy and peace. Matthew Micallef St John and Emma De Gabriele had paved the way as Malta’s inaugural United Nations Youth Delegates, selected through a competitive process that demonstrated their dedication and passion for global issues.

During a meeting, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ian Borg, emphasised the ministry’s commitment to empowering youth within the realm of international relations. Recognising the potential and qualities of young individuals, the ministry is keen on providing them with opportunities to contribute to global peace and security. Such initiatives not only enhance the representation of diverse perspectives in global discussions but also nurture a generation of future leaders who are well-versed in international affairs.

In a discussion that underscores Malta’s dedication to international collaboration and youth involvement in global matters, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ian Borg, and Malta’s UN Youth Delegates, Cara Borg Aquilina and Emma De Gabriele, shared their perspectives on vital issues, ranging from climate change as a security concern to the nation’s contributions to positive global experiences.

Reflecting on a landmark moment from last February in New York, Minister Borg recalled an event that is poised to leave an indelible mark on the global stage for the next three decades. Notably, for the first time, Malta raised the imperative connection between climate change and security. This forward-looking stance underscores Malta’s dedication to addressing not only the present but also future challenges that climate change poses to global security and stability.

However, Minister Borg’s comments extended beyond climate change. He illuminated Malta’s role as a positive influencer on the international stage by sharing successful practices with other nations. One such example is Malta’s innovative approach to water usage, purification, and production. By sharing these positive stories, Malta is effectively contributing to global progress and cooperation. Furthermore, Minister Borg emphasised Malta’s unwavering willingness to provide assistance and support to other nations. This commitment underlines Malta’s role as a responsible global citizen, ready to extend a helping hand in times of need.

As UN Youth Delegates, Cara Borg Aquilina and Emma De Gabriele are poised to engage with their peers in Malta and counterparts at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Their involvement in various international forums will amplify the voices of Maltese youth on a global platform, shedding light on their concerns and opinions on pressing global challenges.

The opportunity for Malta’s youth to actively participate in these discussions is instrumental in ensuring that their perspectives are considered in shaping international policies. The role of a UN Youth Delegate encompasses several crucial responsibilities. Prior to the General Assembly, the delegates engage in online dialogues with young people in Malta and beyond, capturing their concerns and opinions on global issues. 

During the General Assembly, they attend meetings and side events, providing insights into the behind-the-scenes workings of the United Nations through social media. Their involvement extends to accompanying diplomats from the Maltese Mission, contributing to global policy discussions, and engaging with youth delegates from other nations.

Upon returning home, the UN Youth Delegates share their experiences and insights with diverse audiences, acting as a bridge between the youth and the United Nations. Their online presence becomes a portal to the UN, enabling young people to stay informed and engaged. The delegates also participate in relevant events and conferences related to global issues, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of international cooperation.

This role is an exceptional opportunity for the chosen youths delegate to represent the future generation of Malta on the international stage.


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Action Taken After PN MP Calls Out Marsa Bridge Abuse

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Action Taken After PN MP Calls Out Marsa Bridge Abuse

Nationalist MP Darren Carabott took to social media to commend the Community police and workers who addressed the abuse he called out last week taking place at a Marsa bridge. 

The MP had released a post outlining the abuse, illegalities and vandalism taking place on the bridge, which was inaugurated a year ago for around €3.5 million. 

The bridge became a hub for drug use, despite CCTV cameras on location. Following the MP’s calling out, the bridge was visited by police and workers to clean up the mess. 

Carabott also thanked those who raised awareness on the issue by sharing articles on the situation. ‘However, it is now crucial that this abuse stops permanently. This will happen if those moving drugs around in these areas face justice. I also hope that the victims of drugs are found and given help. I hope that the story does not repeat itself.’


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