Over 100 routes as Malta Airport launches summer schedule

Over 100 routes as Malta Airport launches summer schedule
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The Malta International Airport has launched its flight schedule for summer 2023, spoiling holidaymakers to a choice of more than 100 routes in 32 countries. 

A brand new route will be opened between the Maltese islands and the Bavarian town of Memmingen to be operated by Ryanair on a biweekly basis to strengthen connection with Germany. 

Meanwhile, the return of Eurowings with flights to Hamburg and Dusseldorf following a five year-absence was announced. The resumption of weekly flights to the Black Forest town of Baden-Baden and its therapeutic hot springs was also announced. 

‘A holiday on the French Riviera will be easier to plan this summer as Air Malta will operate flights to Nice every Monday and Friday throughout the season’ the airport revealed in a statement. 

And just a short distance away from the seaport city are Antibes and Cannes as well as Saint-Tropez. 

‘Nice is just one of Malta International Airport’s connections with France, with other connections including up to six daily flights to Paris, biweekly flights to the wine capital Bordeaux in the south-west of the country, and two weekly flights to the north-western city of Nantes.’ 

The airport’s top market, Italy, remains the most well connected for the season, with a route network connecting Bergamo, Milan, Bari, Naples and Sicily. 

The flight schedule also includes Scandinavia through flights to Denmark, Norway and Sweden as well as the Middle East through Israel and Dubai. Find out the full schedule here


Taiwanese police department did a photoshoot for new puppy recruits

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We won’t say much about this one – just, Taiwan’s National Police Agency K9 Anti-Bomb and Drug unit did a photoshoot for their newest puppy recruits. 

And it is absolutely adorable! 


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But we couldn’t miss the opportunity to share a few images Malta’s very own K9 officers just to appreciate their cuteness overload. 


Amsterdam warns young British men looking for ‘messy night’s to stay away

Amsterdam warns young British men looking for 'messy night's to stay away
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The city of Amsterdam has just launched a new campaign targeting young British men, and Dutch men of a similar age, who want a messy weekend so that they ‘stay away.’

Research has suggested that 18 to 35 year old Dutch and British men tend to cause most nuisance in the red light district through ‘stag parties, pub crawls and all-night drink and drug benders.’

This is making life unbearable for residents, leading to the campaign being launched this week. 

It will be triggered when people in Britain enter terms into search engines such as ‘stage party Amsterdam’ or ‘pub crawl Amsterdam’ or even ‘cheap hotel Amsterdam.’ 

Warning video adverts which list risks and consequences of excessive alcohol and drug intake, which include a tainted criminal record as well as hospitalisation, health damage and fines. 

Deputy mayor for economic affairs and the inner city Sofyan Mbarki said that the city was doing more than other European countries to reject irresponsible growth. 

“Visitors are still welcome, but not if they misbehave and cause nuisance. As a city, we are saying: we’d rather not have this, so stay away,” he said in a press statement.

Meanwhile, a ‘How To Amsterdam’ drive will also include posters, screens in hotel lobbies and hosts approaching people to remind them of manners. Apart from this, an earlier closing for brothels and bars will kick off this weekend as well as a ban on cannabis smoking in public in central Amsterdam from May. 


Two men hospitalised after runaway van crashes into scaffolding

Two men hospitalised after runaway van crashes into scaffolding
Mar 29 2023 Share

A refrigeration van crashed into scaffolding earlier today at around 0920hrs without a driver in Old Theatre Street in Valletta.

Police communication confirmed to this platform that two men were hospitalised due to the runaway truck. One was a 75-year-old pedestrian resident of Valletta and another a 78-year-old pedestrian resident of Floriana. 

Their condition is currently unknown as police are still investigating.