Outdoor activities to do in Sicily during the Easter Holidays

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Outdoor activities to do in Sicily during the Easter Holidays

Whether you are a food fanatic or just enjoy taking in the sights, the gorgeous island Sicily is a treasure trove of visit-worthy locations. From food tours to chill-out locations, Virtu Ferries is here to bring you a solid list of outdoor activities to do in Sicily during the Easter Holidays at bargain prices! Check them out below and let us know what you think!

Explore History at Palazzolo Acreide

A testament to Sicily’s baroque identity, Palazzolo Acreide is an underrated tourist spot recognised by its limestone ravines, drystone walls and gorgeous indigenous flora.

Beyond the history, culture and architecture deeply ingrained in Palazzolo Acreide’s identity, this Sicilian spot is also known for its gastronomy, boasts one mouth-watering dish after the other. Beyond its century-old traditional sweets combined with a variety of ingredients, Palazzolo is also famous for its ragusano DOP cheese. So whether you’re into food, history or anything in between, this place is definitely worth visiting.

Tour Mt. Etna

A must-visit when in Sicily, a tour of Mt. Etna is the quintessential traveller’s activity. In between scenic jeep routes and checkpoints at places of natural value in the Etna Park reserve at an altitude of around 2000 meters, the active stratovolcano is definitely a sight worth seeing.

Tours of the Etna are abundant and vary in time and price, allowing any kind of traveller to enjoy the area’s spectacular sights while remain within their timeframe and budget.

Rediscover Chocolate in Modica

For those travellers with a sweet tooth, the south-eastern Sicilian city is known globally for its chocolate, a specially produced product inspired by an ancient Aztec recipe for Xocolatl.

Book yourself a chocolate tour and discover the history of the Cioccolato di Modica with an in-depth tour highlighting the ancient Mesoamerican origins. To top it all off, most tours end with a tasting session of some of the city’s popular delicacies.

Chill out in Cefalù

The chill and charming town of Cefalù is definitely a worthwhile location to visit if you are in Sicily. The beachside area has become a popular checkpoint for tourists due to its gorgeous crescent-shaped beach, fabulous food spots and marvellous viewpoints.

If you’d like to remain active and get some legwork done, you can hike the 284m climb of La Rocca, a craggy mountain which was grounds of a Norman Castle, with views of the coastline which are absolutely unmatched.

Godfather Movie Tour

Film buffs, this one’s for you.

Head to Sicily and immerse yourself in the iconic landscape featured in Francis Ford Coppola’s iconic mobster movie. A short trip to Sicily will allow you to discover some of the traditional villages and suggestive monuments pictured in The Godfather.

Amongst others, two of the most famous filming locations in Sicily are the small medieval villages of Savoca and Forza d’Agrò, which were seen in Michael Corleone’s first meeting with Apollonia’s father as well as the wedding.


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Drive to Survive Season 4 confirmed for 11th March on Netflix

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Drive to Survive Season 4 confirmed for 11th March on Netflix

Netflix’s popular ‘Drive to Survive’ Season 4 will be premiering on March 11th, set to depict all the drama from an astounding 2021 Formula 1 World Championship.F1 confirmed today in a press release that the highly anticipated series will be launching with another ten episodes in March, just a week before the 2022 season gets underway in Bahrain. 

‘Offering unprecedented access, Season 4 will once again take fans behind the scenes, to witness first-hand how the drivers and teams prepare to battle it out in one of the sport’s most dramatic seasons to date’ it said.Fierce team rivalries, unexpected podiums and the intense connection between Mercedes and Red Bull will all be highlighted in the upcoming episodes. 


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Whereas most F1 drivers have bought into the Netflix documentaries, 2021 F1 World Champion Max Verstappen pulled out of the personal interview material, accusing the series of faking rivalries and tensions which were simply not true or blown out of proportion. 

How the series will navigate Verstappen’s silence will be interesting to see, limiting his soundbites to what they have saved after each race weekend. It is not known if Lewis Hamilton collaborated with the making of the season. 

When the series began in March 2018, both Mercedes and Ferrari decided not to open their doors to Netflix, but the success, particularly in the USA, and them making U-turn on the matter. The series is deemed to be turning people into Formula 1 fans, despite having had no idea of the sport beforehand. 


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Belgium could let workers ask for four-day work weeks

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Belgium could let workers ask for four-day work weeks

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced on Tuesday that the country plans on giving employees the right to ask for a four-day workweek due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to journalists, De Croo said that ‘the COVID period has forced us to work more flexibly – the labour market needs to adapt that.’ 

This would allow employees to work up to 38 hours of work over four days instead of five. This would come with no reduction of salary, but would also require workers to operate at a 100% capacity. 

Any requests will need to be approved by the boss. In practice, therefore, the flexibility would only be an option for those working in big companies where the workload can be more easily distributed. 

Unions are expected have their say on a draft bill before amendments are made. The legislation will then be scrutinised by the Council of State advising the government, before the parliament votes. It is expected to come into effect by the middle of this year. 

According to OECD, the average workweek in Belgium is 35.5 hours. This compares with 36.5 weekly Horus in France or 38.7 hours in the US. Belgium would follow countries such as Iceland and Japan who tested four-day workweeks. 

Malta is still not yet planning on implementing or testing a four-day work week. When asked, Finance Minister Clyde Caruana said that the government would be willing to discuss the prospect once worker productivity and skillsets improved. 



Two glasses of wine could reach the daily sugar intake limit

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Two glasses of wine could reach the daily sugar intake limit

New research from the United Kingdom shows that with just two glasses of wine, a person could reach the limit of sugar that is suggested for a single day.

Alcohol Health Alliance UK analysed more than 30 bottles of wine and found that some had up to 59grams of sugar. The wine bottles analysed consisted of red, white, rose’, fruity and frizzy wines of brands popular in the UK. 

No wine bottle possessed a nutritional information table due to this not being required by law. Only one bottle out of every five had information about the amount of calories. Calls are being issued to change this law in order to provide consumers with more information about sugar intake. 


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