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Orlando has just announced plans for the first flying taxi airport in the US

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The planned “Lake Nona Vertiport” in Orlando will allow passengers to bypass the highways of Florida and fly in one of the 186 mph jets of the German manufacturer Lilium. 

Passengers will be able to use an app similar to Uber and Lyft to book the electric-powered jets that are still in production. According to the Orlando Business Journal, the City Council offered Lilium a tax exemption of more than $800,000 over nine years and the whole project will cost $25 million.


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Tyga sued by Landlord for not paying rent

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The landlord claims the rapper didn’t pay $32,000 he owed in April after moving out of the property after almost a year of renting it.  The landlord also says that Tyga left dents on the flooring of the kitchen, which contributed to $27,650 in repairs, as well as damaging marble floors and counters ($15,575) and walls ($103,160). 

A basketball hoop that damaged the driveway and new locks that destroyed the entrance door were allegedly installed by Tyga, none of which Tyga had permission to install. The landlord is suing for contract violation and demanding damages of over $200,000.


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Malta daily Facebook 970x90

Pope is providing free Covid-19 tests for homeless people

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Pope Francis is providing free coronavirus testing in the Vatican to the poor and homeless of Rome, the Vatican said on Thursday. The declaration comes as part of the Day of the Poor of the Roman Catholic Church, which was diminished this year as a result of the pandemic. 

Swabs are being provided at a clinic off St. Peter’s Square, which the Pope set up a few years ago to provide basic medical services to homeless people, some of whom live on the streets of the Vatican neighborhood.


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New device can stream music directly into your head, without headphones

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This device uses a 3-D sensing module and locates and monitors the ear position sending audio via ultrasonic waves to create sound pockets by the user’s ears.  Sound can be heard in stereo or 3-D spatial mode that produces 360-degree sound around the listener, the company said. 

The official demo includes a short video of the swans on the lake, the buzzing bees and the babbling water, where the listener feels absolutely transported into the scene. CEO Christophe Ramstein finds it difficult to translate the idea into words. “The brain can’t comprehend what it doesn’t know,” he said.


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