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Only 6 out of 1000 tests turn out positive says Charmaine Gauci

 - COVID-19 - Sep 27
Only 6 out of 1000 tests turn out positive says Charmaine Gauci

Superintendent for Public Health Charmaine Gauci has revealed that out of 1000 tests which take place, only 6 are emerging positive. Interviewed on television programme TVAM in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic in Malta, Gauci emphasised how as the pandemic epidemiological context persists, the virus is constantly mutating and adapting. 

With the Delta variant being the most common variant, Gauci insisted that our country managed to adapt to the pandemic when compared to other countries around the world who have higher infection rates. 

Gauci once again highlighted the importance of health measures and vaccination, praising the latter as being one of main contributors of achieving herd immunity and an overall positive handling of the pandemic. 

She revealed that whether or not everyone who has been vaccinated needs to receive their booster jab is not yet confirmed. The booster is currently being offered to those over 70 years of age after having been administered to those in elderly homes and most vulnerable. 

Authorities are also awaiting the European Medicine’s Agency (EMA) updates on whether it is safe to vaccinate children with Pfizer jabs under 12 years of age. She also said that due to only 28% of the world’s population being currently vaccinated, the rate is too low for COVID-19 to end up like a common cold. 

In regards to COVID-19 vaccine certificates, Gauci said that all will remain the same but a note as to who was vaccinated with the booster will be documented. 


Photo Source: TVAM FB, International Banker

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