One man protests to ‘unmask the kids’ and hands out proper masks

One man protests to ‘unmask the kids’ and hands out proper masks
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A one-man protest was launched by a father against face masks in schools, asking parents to sign a massive poster with ‘Unmask the Kids’ written on it. He also sent in his children without masks on Tuesday. 

The protester, by the name of Daniele Baraggioli, said that he is fed up of the double standards around COVID-19 health measures which force kids to mask up all day in school despite crowds at counting halls, rallies and even clubs.

Baraggioli protested outside the gates of San Gwann primary school on Wednesday morning. He also handed out surgical masks to show that the type of masks which children were wearing did not match public health guidelines. 

He said that if kids are to still wear masks, they should wear proper ones, going on to take his kids to school on Wednesday with masks and pledging to remove them if he saw a child without a proper mask. 

On Tuesday, his children were provided with masks by the school which said that it was supporting his cause. The protester purchased 250 of what he deemed to be right masks. 

Baraggioli had warned that if these surgical masks were not used, he would have no choice but to report the school to the health authorities for failing to abide by guidelines. 

He also intends to personally deliver the signed poster of ‘Unmask the Kids’ to the health ministry later on Wednesday. Currently, schoolchildren must wear face masks all day and can only remove them during physical activity and eating. 

Masks should stop being mandatory after the Easter holidays. This also comes as Prime Minister Robert Abela promised to lift all COVID-19 measures following the election of Labour. 


OFFICIAL: Robert Abela unveils official Cabinet

OFFICIAL: Robert Abela unveils official Cabinet
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Here are the official ministers as announced by Prime Minster Robert Abela;

Chris Fearne: Deputat Prim Ministru u Ministru għas-Saħħa

Owen Bonnici: Ministru għall-Wirt Nazzjonali, l-Arti u l-Gvern Lokali

Ian Borg: Ministru għall-Affarijiet Barranin u Ewropej u l-Kummerċ

Michael Falzon: Ministru għall-Politika Soċjali u d-Drittijiet tat-Tfal.

Anton Refalo: Ministru għall-Agrikoltura, is-Sajd u d-Drittijiet tal-Annimali

Roderick Galdes: Ministru għall-Akkomodazzjoni Soċjali u Affordabbli

Silvio Schembri: Ministru għall-Ekonomija, il-Fondi Ewropej u l-Artijiet

Julia Farrugia Portelli: Ministru għall-Inklużjoni, il-Volontarjat u d-Drittijiet tal-Konsumatur

Aaron Farrugia: Ministru għat-Trasport, l-Infrastruttura u l-Proġetti Kapitali

Clint Camilleri: Ministru għal Għawdex

Byron Camilleri: Ministru għall-Intern, is-Sigurtà, ir-Riformi u l-Ugwaljanza

Clayton Bartolo: Ministru għat-Turiżmu

Miriam Dalli: Ministru għall-Ambjent, l-Enerġija u l-Intrapriża

Clyde Caruana: Ministru għall-Finanzi u x-Xogħol

Clifton Grima: Ministru għall-Edukazzjoni, l-Isport, iż-Żgħażagħ, ir-Riċerka u l-Innovazzjoni

Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi: Ministru għax-Xogħlijiet Pubbliċi u l-Ippjanar.

Jonathan Attard: Ministru għall-Ġustizzja

Jo Etienne Abela: Ministru għall-Anzjanità Attiva Segretarji Parlamentari

Andy Ellul: Segretarju Parlamentari għad-Djalogu Soċjali fl-Uffiċċju tal-Prim Ministru

Alison Zerafa Civelli: Segretarju Parlamentari għall-Gvern Lokali fil-Ministeru għall-Wirt Nazzjonali, l-Arti u l-Gvern Lokali

Chris Bonnett: Segretarju Parlamentari għall-Fondi Ewropej fil-Ministeru għall-Ekonomija, l-Fondi Ewropej u l-Artijiet

Keith Azzopardi Tanti: Segretarju Parlamentari għaż-Żgħażagħ, ir-Riċerka u l-Innovazzjoni fil-Ministeru għall-Edukazzjoni, l-Isport, iż-Żgħażagħ, ir-Riċerka u l-Innovazzjoni.


No more official COVID updates by Sahha confirms Charmaine Gauci

No more official COVID updates by Sahha confirms Charmaine Gauci
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Superintendent for Public Health Charmaine Gauci announced that the official health authorities page Sahha will no longer publish daily COVID-19 updates. 

The post was uploaded everyday at 12:30pm ever since the pandemic arrived onto our shores. It had become a nuisance for many, as people called for an end to the daily updates. 

Now, the Superintendent said that the updates will no longer be unveiled. People can instead follow the updates through other official health sites. 

This comes just after the daily updates suddenly stopped being uploaded right after the general election results were published. Many had also called on authorities to remove all restrictions after the celebrations saw hundreds take to the streets to celebrate. 

Robert Abela, in his official address since being sworn in, said that these restrictions will be removed and that Malta will prioritise how individuals wish to safeguard their own health. 

Today, 30th March 2022, Malta registered 717 new cases, racking up the total active cases cases up to 5183. 


Jose’ Herrera returns to court as defence lawyer after failing reelection

Jose’ Herrera returns to court as defence lawyer after failing reelection
Mar 30 2022 Share

Following a hiatus of nine years due to serving as a minister, Jose Herrera returned to court on Wednesday to appear as defence counsel for an alleged arsonist. 

Magistrate Victor Axiak welcomed the former minister back in court three days after the election results were announced. Herrera, alongside lawyer Matthew Xuereb were representing Jonathan Lee Borg, a 38-year-old from Hamrun after he was charged with setting a car on fire in Marsa back in March. 

Police inspector Jeffrey Scicluna explained police investigations began after the receipt of an arson report, saying that CCTV footage enabled the police to trace the accused’s movement before the arson. 

The footage had shown him arriving in Marsa by bus from his home in Hamrun. He was later arrested outside the Detox Centre in Guardamangia on Tuesday. 

The inspector said a search at his residence uncovered shoes, tracksuit and trousers he was wearing when the arson was carried out. The accused pleaded not guilty, with Herrera requesting bail. 

The prosecution objected and said that the victims who had another car destroyed by arson at the beginning of the year still had to testify. Inspector Scicluna said that evidence the police had in hand showed that the accused was commissioned to carry out the crime. 

Referring to the January arson, he said two suspects were currently in jail. Herrera said he observed more reluctance by the court to grant bail during his time away from court. The accused was remanded in custody.