One in five deaths in Malta due to junk food says cardiologist

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One in five deaths in Malta due to junk food says cardiologist

People were invited to a practical session at the Cardiology Department on Sunday, wherein the annual conference of the Maltese heart society took place. The conference focused on providing patients in the unit and public on how to avoid cholesterol which poses risks for strokes and heart attacks. ‘It is becoming clear that one out of every five deaths in our country is the result of the wrong foods that we eat’ cardiologist Robert Xuereb told Television Malta. He suggested taxes on unhealthy foods, which could mimic the decrease in smoking every time a tax on cigarettes is imposed. 

With this tax money, healthier foods could be subsidised. The measures could seem aggressive at first, but it could be one of the few ways we could avoid such deaths. Cardiologist and cardio rehabilitation specialist Mark Abela said that the most basic way to avoid heart attacks is to engage in physical exercise. In Malta, between 700 and 800 people are admitted to hospital with heart problems, with heart disease remaining the most common form of illness. This is due to the narrowing of arteries due to cholesterol. 

Abela emphasised that people should do a check up every 6 – 12 months with a family doctor for such illnesses. WHO statistics show that one out of every four adults globally do not engage in exercise, meaning that around 1.5 billion people are at risk of developing the conditions linked to lack of activity. Mr Xuereb also recommends starting cholesterol tests from the age of 18, due to Malta having the highest rate of obesity in children. 


Photo Source: Parkview Health, TCTMD

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Gozo’s skies filled with colour in Kite & Wind festival

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Gozo’s skies filled with colour in Kite & Wind festival

Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri took to social media to share some shots of yesterday’s ‘Kite & Wind’ festival in San Dimitri, Gharb. Organised by the local council and the ministry, the festival embellished the clear blue sky with a multitude of characters and beautifully designed kites. 

With over 40 organisations from around 12 different countries, the festival provided families with an event to remember and bond over. The minister expressed that he was positively overwhelmed by the amount of people who made their way to Malta’s sister island to enjoy the spectacle. 

We cannot help but agree with Minister Camilleri – these shots are absolutely gorgeous! Such events continue to attract more people to enjoy our islands’ natural beauty whilst also having activities the entire family can enjoy. 


Photo Source: Clint Camilleri FB

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WATCH: Stand with Vitesse football fans collapses as they celebrate derby win

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Stand with Vitesse football fans collapses as they celebrate derby win

As Vitesse fans celebrated their side’s 1-0 win against NEC, the stand holding a significant amount of ecstatic supporters gave way. No injuries were reported, with a NEC director stating that a container sitting just below the stand may have prevented a much worse and tragic outcome. The collapse occurred when players approached the Goffertstadion end to cheer along with their supporters. 


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As the two sides approached to celebrate from different areas of the stadium, the stand gave way to the weight of the crowd. However, as the stand did not fully collapse, many fans seemed utterly unfazed by the incident and continued to cheer with their heroes. The Dutch football federation (KNVB) and the major of Nijmegen have called for an investigation into the incident. A spokesperson for KNVB highlighted that there has been a lot of work to make the stadium safe, so an investigation should be utmost priority. 

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Maltese off-roader Neville Ciantar 2nd in King of Portugal

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Maltese off-roader Neville Ciantar 2nd in King of Portugal

The list of sporting achievements by the Maltese continues to grow as Neville ‘Nusu’ Ciantar, off-road racing driver and member of All-Wheel Drive Club, placed 2nd in 2021’s King of Portugal. Known to be the toughest race in Europe, Ciantar managed to excel and dominate in the event, coming just short of one place to winning. 

The King of Portugal was started in 2013, with participants challenged to go through different circuits in the shortest time possible. It is a test of everything from vehicles, tires, transmissions but also of the driver’s adaptability, calculation and dexterity. This isn’t the first Ciantar competed, having finished 5th in 2017 and 6th in 2018. 

Ciantar’s achievement is simply more proof of Maltese capability in keeping their own on an international level. Well done!


Photo Source: Neville Ciantar FB

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