October 2023 Was Malta’s Driest Since 1922

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In September, the precipitation year commenced with below-average rainfall, setting the stage for an exceptionally dry October, which subsequently emerged as the driest month according to the records of the Meteorological Office. 

Merely 0.2mm of precipitation was recorded, a stark contrast to the typical monthly average of 77.6mm.

This aridity was coupled with unusually warm temperatures, attributed to a persistent high-pressure system over the Mediterranean. 

The stagnant conditions and the influx of winds from the Sahara led to a mean air temperature of 23.9°C, surpassing the monthly norm by 2.2°C. 

October experienced a maximum temperature of 31.7°C on the 18th, though the warmest day in the month’s history remains October 27, 1999, with a record high of 34.5°C. 

Conversely, the lowest temperature for the month dipped to 17.8°C on the 15th.

Notably, the sea surface temperature averaged 25.7°C, exceeding the climate norm of 24°C. Sunlight was abundant, with 259.3 hours of bright sunshine, surpassing the monthly norm by 41.6 hours. 

The 9th and 14th of October were the brightest days, boasting 10.2 hours of sunshine each, while the 25th marked the dullest, recording zero hours of sunlight. 

Additionally, the mean cloud cover of 1.8 oktas and a lower-than-average mean wind speed of 6.5 knots (0.9 knots below the norm) characterized the meteorological conditions in October, with the maximum gust reaching 29 knots on October 20th from a South by West direction.


“Dogs are for life and family members. Do not abandon them.” Says AAA.

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In the vast world of social media, stories that touch the heart and inspire change often emerge, and one such poignant tale comes from the Association for Abandoned Animals Malta (AAA). A recent post on their page unveiled the incredible journey of a canine survivor named Prince, a testament to the unwavering dedication of animal welfare organisations.

The post began with a heartbreaking revelation – Prince, a defenceless dog, had been abandoned in the streets and endured the unimaginable trauma of being struck by a car. The accompanying photograph depicted the initial grim state in which Prince was found, a stark reminder of the harsh realities faced by countless animals left to fend for themselves.

However, when Animal welfare stepped in, rescuing Prince from the streets and transporting him to the AAA sanctuary. The images that followed told a different story – a story of resilience, care, and gradual recovery. Prince, once a “bloody mess,” was depicted in subsequent photos almost unrecognisable as the same injured soul, now on the path to healing in the loving environment of the AAA sanctuary.

The post did not merely narrate Prince’s physical transformation; it also shed light on the journey to uncover his history. Through the microchip embedded in Prince, the AAA team traced his ownership, revealing a distressing chain of events that led to his abandonment. Passing through multiple hands, the final person callously threw him out, leaving him to face the harsh realities of the streets alone.

The post concluded on a positive note, expressing hope that animal welfare would take appropriate action against the heartless individual responsible for Prince’s plight. The uplifting finale showcased Prince in his current state – not only healed but embraced by a loving family.

The underlying message resonates deeply: Dogs are not disposable commodities but cherished family members. Prince’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the responsibility that comes with pet ownership. The plea is clear – “Dogs are for life and family members. Do not abandon them.”


Puttinu Cares Decorates Rainbow Ward with Christmas Cheer

Puttinu Cares Decorates Rainbow Ward with Christmas Cheer
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As the calendar inches closer to December, the air is filled with anticipation and the spirit of giving. In the midst of the festive season, Puttinu Cares, shared a touching moment that encapsulates the true essence of the holidays.

In a heartwarming post, Puttinu Cares revealed a snapshot of its members adorning the Children’s Rainbow Ward at Mater Dei Hospital with festive decorations. This thoughtful initiative aims to ensure that young patients and their families experience the joy of the season, even during challenging times.

The post expressed the organisations sentiment, stating, “It’s great to involve everyone, especially children, parents, and the staff in making Rainbow Ward feel festive and cheerful. God bless these children and their parents who are hospitalised at the Christmas season.”

The act of decorating the hospital ward goes beyond merely hanging ornaments and stringing lights; it represents a collective effort to create a warm and comforting atmosphere for those undergoing medical treatment, particularly children who find themselves in the hospital during the holiday season.

The initiative not only brings smiles to the faces of the young patients but also fosters a sense of community among the hospital staff, parents, and volunteers. The shared experience of transforming the ward into a festive haven serves as a reminder that the spirit of togetherness and compassion can brighten even the most challenging situations.


England Faces Criticism for Lackluster Performance in 2-0 Victory Against Malta

England Faces Criticism for Lackluster Performance in 2-0 Victory Against Malta
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In a less-than-impressive performance, England secured a top seeding at Euro 2024 with a hard-fought 2-0 home win against Group C minnows Malta.

The lackluster display by Gareth Southgate’s team left the Wembley crowd underwhelmed. Until the 75th minute, England struggled to break through against the 171st-ranked Malta, with their only advantage coming from an early own goal by Enrico Pepe.


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Captain Harry Kane eventually extended the lead with his 62nd international goal, assisted by Bukayo Saka. Despite some tense moments and a disallowed goal by Declan Rice, the overall performance failed to excite, and many fringe players missed an opportunity to impress Southgate.

Nevertheless, the victory confirmed England’s top spot in Group C, securing their qualification for the Euro 2024 finals in Germany, irrespective of the outcome in the North Macedonia match on Monday.