Obscure feelings you did not know had names

Obscure feelings you did not know had names
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The realisation that everyone around you has a life of their own – from acquaintances to complete strangers. That person you stood in line behind at the store, that random person who liked your post earlier this morning, and that annoying customer in the same restaurant as you. Every single one has a world of their own.


How will the history of the world play out after you’re gone? How will the world change in a week after you’re gone? And that just scratches the surfaces of this intense realisation – how will the universe look a hundred, a thousand, a million years after you’re no longer around to see it?


Do you ever just sit down during a thunderstorm and silently absorb the sounds, the feeling, the flashes of lightning or the crashing of waves of an ocean? Well, that feeling is chrysalism and we bet introverts reading this know what we mean!


Kenopsia refers to that somber, eerie feeling you get when you return to a place which used to be bustling with people but now fell silent. This place suddenly became utterly abandoned – there is no human activity whatsoever except for your wonder as to how it came to be.


Is it possible to care less about things? Is it possible to loosen your grip on your life and simply get playful with reality? Or is it a mere desire? That feeling is liberosis and we have all experienced it at some point or other.


Here is one for all the misfits out there – anyone who ever felt out of place or that they did not belong in their surroundings. This tongue twisting word represents exactly what people feel when something just doesn’t feel right about wherever one happens to be.


Probably one of the most intense feelings of all – looking directly into another human being’s eyes. This simple yet invasive and vulnerable act lays bare everything the two people staring at each other truly are in clear display.


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Overwhelming crowds at MIA as tourism reopens

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Photos have surfaced showing overwhelming amounts of people at the Malta International Airport. As tourism reopens and welcomes tourists back to the island, photos show a massive amount of people in the arrivals section of the airport.

Concerns have been raised about social distancing regulations in place as well as fear of imported COVID-19 cases. Despite Malta having reached herd immunity and started the process of handing out vaccine certificates, the risks of cases spikes and variants being reintroduced are quite possible.

Malta Daily is currently investigating the issue and is awaiting further clarification from the Health Authorities.


365 Days star Michele Morrone suspected to have come out as gay

365 Days star Michele Morrone suspected to have come out as gay
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Rumours are taking the internet by storm as fans suspect that 365 Days star Michele Morrone has come out as gay. The suspicions all come from an Instagram post where he is seen with Simone Susinna and a caption stating ‘I’m a liar.’ Amidst Morrone’s usual perfectly shot selfies and cover shoots, the post stuck out with many fans thinking this is Morrone’s coming out post.

The star has been divorced since 2018, and given that the post was shared in the very beginning of Pride Month, the flames of the fire were fanned even higher. Morrone starred in the infamous 365 Days film, a 2020 Polish erotic romance film based on a novel which was likely the catalyst to boost his fame sky high.


Photo Source: Photo Source: Michele Morrone IG

MP Josianne Cutajar calls for vaccine certificates at international level

MP Josianne Cutajar calls for vaccine certificates at international level
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Labour MEP Josianne Cutajar called for vaccine certificates to be implemented systematically on not just a European level but also on international grounds. Cutajar explained, as she addressed the Amex Forum, how the certificate system were crucial for countries such as Malta who relied on tourism for their economy to survive and thrive. A certificate system would ease tourism and make it safe for everyone across the globe to keep tourism going.

With Malta being one of the first countries to introduce vaccine certificates as well as reaching herd immunity, the EU is proposing lifting all quarantine regulations on those who have been fully jabbed with the vaccine starting 1st July. Cutajar emphasised the importance of the ‘holistic strategy’ for reopening to recover from the pandemic.


Photo Source: Sahha FB, Josianne Cutajar FB